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Best Clay CookwareIf you’re cooking in metal or ceramic pots and pans chances are the pots ingredients (metals like chromium, nickel, titanium, aluminum and/or chemicals, Lead & Cadmium from the glazes or enamel) may be getting into your food. And these pots cannot lock foods nutrients in -- every time steam escapes, you’re losing nutrients too (9 out of 13 vitamins & minerals are water soluble and lost as steam in conventional cookware). Not to mention the harsh form of near-infrared heat cooking your food destroys the nutrition bearing cells.

For something to be considered best, it has to fulfill its purpose 100%. MEC Pots and Pans do just that --They cook your food in the most Nutritious & Non-Toxic way. Giving you the healthiest form of cooked food that is very delicious too!

We're happy to be the world’s 1st cookware that is Certified & Guaranteed to be FREE of Lead, Cadmium, Glazes, Heavy Metals & Chemicals.

All our products are Hand Made in USA with raw materials sourced from within the USA.

Use: Stove-top, Oven & Slow-Cookers. They're made for regular cooking & slow cooking. Any recipe can be quickly and easily adapted to your clay pots and pans using less water & little to no oil. All use & care instructions are included in your shipment. Here is more information on how to use as A Dutch Oven, The Rice Pot, A Yogurt Maker, and/or as a Slow Cooker.

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MEC Multi-Cooking Pure-Clay Pots & Pans:

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Heat Diffusers for your Clay Pots.