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Pure-Clay Cookware: 100% Healthy, Non-Toxic & Green for You and the Planet, find out How?

Cooking with pure clay is as new as tomorrow and as old as time itself! It's unique in that, this inert and nutrient rich composition of pure & all natural clay cooks your food without any additives like Metal Ions, Toxins or Glazes leaching into your food. They also have the ability to lock steam and cook with a gentle & unique form of heat that does not damage the foods nutrients.  So you get food that is nutritionally dense & very delicious.
Read more to find out how & why MEC's Pure-Clay cookware is so Healthy, Non-Toxic & Green for you and our planet:

100% Pure & All-Natural Clay:

No Metals, Chemicals, Glazes or Toxins, No Lead, No Cadmium & other Contaminants - Certified & Guaranteed.  Absolutely NO additives used in the making, finishing or firing process either.  It is as pure as it can get!  Pure clay is made up of nutrients & micro-nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium etc. 

100% Non-Toxic Cooking Surface:

Cook Your Food Without Contamination From The Pot.  Nothing from the fired clay pot reacts or leaches into your food because Pure Clay is naturally inert and non-reactive. Metals and cookware made from other man-made clay bodies, are reactive and leach harmful chemicals and metal ions into your food.

Excellent Steam Management Properties: 

Stop Losing So Much Steam &  Essential Water-Soluble Nutrients.  Did you know: 9 out of 13 essential vitamins and minerals are water soluble and are constantly lost in the form of steam with conventional cookware? With Pure-Clay, steam is is so well managed inside the pot that little to no steam & water soluble nutrients are lost.  

 Superior Far-Infrared Heat Cooks Without Damaging Nutrients. Thoroughly & Evenly.

While conventional forms of heat and cooking quickly damage nutritional cells, the all-natural clay’s Far-Infrared heat slowly & evenly spreads out. Once it’s evenly spread, it rapidly finishes cooking your food by penetrating deep and without causing damage to the foods nutritive cells letting you enjoy the FULL nutritional value of real food and not have to depend on artificial supplements. This feature also lets seasoning and spices go deeper reducing the need to use a lot of salt or seasoning.

Energy Saving:

Save on energy bills, Cook Using 1/2 The Energy.  Pure-Clay is an excellent retainer of heat.  All the heat given to the pot is locked inside and spent on cooking your food. So all foods are done just on medium heat, taking about the same time.  There’s much more to the seemingly simple & elegant design. The entire pot & lid are made in sequential concentric circles and finished so that the bottom can take heat faster & spread evenly. The sides are finished in downward spirals so heat can be conserved and sent to the food. Also, Pure-clay can keep your food warm for several hours making it the “most energy efficient pot” in our modern day kitchens.


For the Stove-top & Oven. Use as Dutch Oven, Steamer, Rice & Grains Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Roasting, Baking & So Much More... Make Rice, Soups, Stews, Steam veggies, braise meats, breads, casseroles, make yogurt all in these pots/pans...Saving You Money & Space! Unique multi-functional design is ideal for several types of cooking both in the oven and stove top. They can also be used on wood fired stoves, inside slow-cookers, solar ovens and for outdoor cooking as well.

Professionally Handcrafted in the USA:

With Raw Material From Within The USA. What started off as one woman’s personal quest for the healthiest and safest way to cook food for her family, is now Miriams Earthen Cookware (read our story!) Each piece is unique in that they are individually hand crafted by professional potters. They’re made in Massachusetts, USA. A Fully Functional Work of Art, Adding Much Beauty & Natural Décor to Your Kitchens!

Terra-sigillata Finishing:

Easy to Use & Clean, No Need to Soak Each Time Before Use. No Mixing of Flavors. The natural Terra-sigillata finish calls for each piece to be individually hand burnished (with the same pure clay). This gives a beautiful sheen, is easy to clean and NO NEED for soaking in water before each use. Pure clay is naturally non-stick and this burnishing makes it even better. Also, the clay platelets get interlocked in this process and prevent flavors from seeping in or transferring to other dishes.

Easy-grip, Accident-Free Handles:

Don’t Ever Burn Your Fingers Again.  Unlike metal and ceramic pots that get burning hot on the outside in minutes when cooking on the stove top, pure-clay cookware conserve all the heat inside the pot and the outside does not get as hot at all -- The heat is locked inside and is spent on cooking your food. The handles run throughout the rim making it accessible from all sides. Chip resistant design makes it more durable and long lasting. The handles are set all the way at the top for yet another reason: so that they can stay cooler for a long time.

Well Priced & Price Match Guarantee.

While even other ceramic and glazed cookware, made in USA sells for $200+, our pure, 100% natural clay, unglazed pots come at a very affordable price! Find another American pot like ours selling for less? Let us know and we’ll beat their price by 10%.

Exceptional Lifetime Customer Service.

We know clay cooking is rather new to many, and we want you to eat healthy and promise to be there if you need us along the way as you discover this fascinating method of cooking. Contact us any time & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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Cooking In Your Pure-Clay Pots:

Cooking in your MEC clay pots & pans is an easy & natural process. Lara, a nutritionist in New York city, had this to say after using the pots for the 1st time: “I just finished cooking with your pot for the first time. It was fantastic. I am not someone who is good in the kitchen, but your directions are very clear, and the process felt very natural….”

MEC pots are made using the best skill + technology available today. They are sturdy, well built, strong cooking pots & pans made with you -- the cook in mind. With proper use & care they can last a life time or more!

Seasoning Your Pots:
Before first use thoroughly wet & rinse the pot and lid under running...