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100% Non-Toxic Tested, Certified & Guaranteed -- Miriams Earthen Cookware is made without the use of ANY Chemicals, Metals, Oxides, Glazes, Enamels & Toxins.  Also, our pots have NO Lead, NO Cadmium, NO Arsenic.
When compared to the different raw materials for cookware (metal, ceramic, etc.), all-natural clay is the healthiest & safest because it's but a collection of nutrients and micro-nutrients.  It is however very important to choose the right kind and know this by testing it. Which is why we are humbled to be the first clay cookware makers to use 100% tested, pure & primary clay.  Unfortunately others use only locally available untested clay,  and most times this is secondary clay, i.e clay that has natural contaminants, and that which may contain environmental pollutants too.  See how we harvest and test our clay.
100% Inert & Non-Reactive.  Since nothing is added to this pure raw material and nothing removed from it,  it is 100% inert or non-reactive, nothing from the pot leaches into your food.  Traditional cookware (metal, ceramic) leach metals and chemicals that are dangerous in the body.  The dangers of metals and chemicals from the pot are many and is an issue that must not go unnoticed.  Here is how you can test your cookware for toxicity and leaching.
Preserves MORE Nutrients Than Any Other: Cooks with superior heat that does not destroy nutrients.  Traditional pots cook with harsh nutrient-destroying heat.  For this reason cooked food became lower in nutritional value since switching from cooking in clay, just 100-200 years ago to metals.
Excellent Steam Management Properties: Unique design and raw material have the ability to retain steam inside more than any other cookware. Steam is essential water soluble nutrients lost while cooking with traditional cookware (9 out of 13 vitamins and mineral are water soluble) .  Miriams Earthen Cookware unique steam management properties are explained here, we hope you will take a look when you get a moment.
100% Vegan & 100% Organic: MEC is also made without using & without the use of any dairy or animal by-products, making them the only 100% vegan & organic cooking pots & pans.
Healthy for YOU & the PLANET!  

While factories, industries and manufacturing of goods we use contributes to 1/2 the pollution in the world (air, water and land), making our pure-clay cookware is one thing that adds nothing to this equation.  Upon careful observation of how our product is made, we wouldn't be wrong to state that this is one of the very few products made today with such a low environmental impact: ZERO!

From harvesting the clay to the different processes of hand making it, to the firing, packaging and shipping, the pots and pans are the most eco-friendly in the market today.  Once they are with you they are "green" all the way till the end of their life (which could be several decades long).  These are the many ways in which they're good for the environment.

Made To Last for a Long Time.  Besides being made with only 100% pure-clay, great attention is paid to make them last for many years.  Each pot takes 25-30 days from start to finish, yielding the most durable cooking pot of its kind.  When used following the simple clay cooking instructions, these pots can last for a very long time.
Best warranty program: FREE replacement for up to one year, in the rare occurrence of an issue. And 50% off for the next 2 consecutive years. When you buy from others, any issue with the pot is your problem not theirs.
Please take a few minutes to browse through the pages of our site to learn more about this fascinating and timeless method of cooking that is very good for you and the planet.

"After having traveled the world looking for the best & healthiest material to make cookware, after years of study and painstaking research we have found pure-clay to be the safest, healthiest & most non-toxic material.  And so today we make each pot by hand -- a labor of love so that you can enjoy what we and so many other MEC customers do -- The healthiest, most nutritious & delicious food.

If food is the life source that feeds & nourishes every cell in our body, by cooking in Miriams Earthen Cookware we have seen our health and that of our children's improve greatly to the point that it's been years since we were "sick" of anything.  Many of our customers also say the same and now we want you to experience it!

Cooking with pure clay is as new as tomorrow and as old as time itself! It is simple, easy and more enjoyable than cooking in conventional metal and chemical laden pots and pans.  Being made from a raw material that is more pure than a lot of the food grown today, these pots yield the purest food that is nutritionally dense & very delicious."

Here are some more Features & Benefits: 

For the Stove-top (Gas/Electric/Glass cook top & Induction) & Oven. Use as Dutch Oven, Steamer, Rice & Grains Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Roasting, Baking & So Much More...

Easy to Clean & Naturally Non-stick: No need to use toxic soap, just sprinkle baking soda, scrub and rinse off.  Pure-clay is naturally non-stick and is very easy to use (you can read customer reviews here and on Google Reviews).  More COOKING, USE & CARE instructions can be found here.

Fat-Free Cooking: MEC's pure-clay pots and pans become naturally non-stick in 2-3 uses and because steam is retained inside you to cook without any oils or fats, unless you want to.  In any case it’s best to add oils in the end so they don’t breakdown to trans-fat when cooked right from the beginning, and the taste/flavor & nutritional value is also retained, and these pots/pans allow you to do that.

Professionally Handcrafted in the USA:
With Raw Material From Within The USA.

Terra-sigillata Finishing:
No Need to Soak Each Time Before Use. No Mixing of Flavors.

Chip Resistant Design:
Easy-grip, Accident-Free Handles: Don’t Ever Burn Your Fingers Again.

Well Priced & Price Match Guarantee.

Exceptional Lifetime Customer Service.


4.9 Google Rating!

MEC has a Google ***** 4.9 out of 5 rating for excellent product and service. Read from our customers about the superior taste, nutritional value, the 100% non-toxic nature of the pot and our service.

Thanks to our customers & patrons.


Cooking In Your Pure-Clay Pots:

Cooking in your MEC clay pots & pans is an easy & natural process. Lara, a nutritionist in New York city, had this to say after using the pots for the 1st time: “I just finished cooking with your pot for the first time. It was fantastic. I am not someone who is good in the kitchen, but your directions are very clear, and the process felt very natural….”

MEC pots are made using the best skill + technology available today. They are sturdy, well built, strong cooking pots & pans made with you -- the cook in mind. With proper use & care they can last a life time or more!

Seasoning Your Pots:
Before first use thoroughly wet & rinse the pot and lid under running...

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