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Pure-Clay Cookware — 100% Healthy, Non-Toxic & Green for You and the Planet:

Cooking with clay is as new as tomorrow and as old as time itself! Settled civilizations both great and small have always cooked in unglazed, natural clay cookware. This was the one common denominator with people all the way in Japan to Native Americans in this continent, and everywhere in between. It is the safest, most time-honored method of cooking.

At Miriams Earthen Cookware (read our story here), we have tested pots and pans made from all different raw material - steel, titanium, aluminium, copper, ceramics, cast iron... etc.  And found cookware made from pure and natural clay to still be the best among them all! Why? When the clay is pure and the pots are unglazed -- nothing from the pot leaches into your food because this is the only material that is 100% inert or non-reactive. And not just that -- the heat from these (earthen) pots is very different -- they cook without destroying delicate & vital nutrients.

In this industrial age however it's important that the clay is pure, and so at MEC (Miriam earthen cookware) we go to great lengths to fully test our clay before harvesting.  And the test results are published here for you, the consumer, to know.

The clay we use is of the highest quality, natural clay called primary clay or MEC's pure clay™ (rich in nutrients!).  It has no additives, metals, oxides, chemicals, toxins.  It is tested for soil contaminants, the history of the land is evaluated going back 200 years (to make sure it was not used for farming, etc. in the past) and we also make sure no industries that dispose toxic waste or emit pollutants are set up within a 15 mile radius. Clay is from within the USA. More information on our strict selection standards are explained here.

Cooking in MEC is easier and simpler than in any other cookware! And what's more -- food is so much more delicious.  But don't take our word for it -- Read what MEC cooks from all over the world are saying.

Changing your cookware is one of the most important things you can do for your health.  If you’re not using the best pots and pans, you are losing out every day!

Read more to find out why MEC's Pure-Clay cookware is the right one for YOU and the PLANET:


The MEC Difference: MEC is made with 100% all-natural, primary clay.  It has NO Lead, NO Cadmium, NO arsenic, NO contaminants or additives - and is 100% inert.  

Regardless of the passing fads, all metals are reactive, from the most expensive to the least.  This is an innate property of metals.  And food is a biochemical entity.  In the presence of heat, these metals react with nutrients in the form of oxygen, hydrogen, halogens, acids, and bases,  and get assimilated into the body.  The accumulation of such metal ions in the organs, tissues etc., are the foundation of many illnesses and a weakened immune system.  Ceramics, glazes, and enamels (made with many chemicals, oxides and metals) are no exception either. The only raw material that keeps your food pure is pure-clay so long as it is made without any manufacturing additives.  At MEC we make your cookware without any additives what-so-ever!  Cookware made from natural clay is 100% inert or non-reactive.


The MEC Difference: Only material that cooks with far-infrared heat and without damaging nutrients.

While cooking food, vitamins, minerals, protein molecules, carbohydrates and fats are delicate elements going through a phenomenal change.  These nutrients are transformed from raw to cooked and the type of heat determines the final result.  Harsh, near-infrared heat from the walls of metals and man-made materials like ceramic/enameled/glazed pots destroy a lot of these nutrients.  Touch a metal/ceramic pot 5-7 minutes into cooking and it can burn your hand, food is similar tissue matter and is prone to damage just like our skin.   On the other hand, the gentle far-infrared heat from MEC's walls cook your food without destroying these important nutrients, all of it taking about the same amount of time!


The MEC Difference: Steam condenses naturally keeping water-soluble nutrients inside.  

Ever wondered the significance of steam leaving the pot? Most of the steam generated in food is water-soluble nutrients.  Out of the 13 essential vitamins and minerals, 9 are water-soluble, which means they dissolve in water, is quickly used in the body and needs to be replenished every day... the body doesn't store them.  With conventional cookware, as steam constantly leaves the pot so do the water-soluble nutrients, leaving cooked food deficient in one more way.

At MEC we have studied this problem and designed the pot and lid to naturally and fully harness the goodness of pure nature.  The pot and lid feature an ergonomic design made by packing clay in concentric circles that let the rising steam touch the inner surface of the lid, condense, and drop back into the food.  MEC's excellent steam management properties are explained here.


This is something we hear all the time.  It's almost like nature is saying "...thanks for using me, and this is how I show my gratitude, by making you the best tasting food."  You have to "try it to experience it," said one excited customer, about the taste of the food.   This is a unique feature of pure-clay cooking possible because no nutrients are lost and there's no interaction with metals or chemicals. You can read Miriams Earthen Cookware's reviews here.


The MEC Difference: Multi-Functional -- use as Dutch Oven, Steamer, Rice & Grains Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Roasting, Baking & So Much More... For the Stove-top (gas/electric/glass cooktop & induction), Oven, Wood fired Stove, etc.

All the different types of cookware in the market today evolved in an effort to imitate the way food cooked in clay.  For example, a pressure cooker was invented to keep steam inside and cook with steam pressure, a dutch oven to cook food for long hours without burning.  By using pure-clay, at MEC we have made pots and pans that give you all these features without clogging your kitchen. Use them to cook any recipe, from the Californian cioppino to the Japanese Oden, and everything in between, in the healthiest way!


The MEC Difference:  Naturally Non-Stick & no need for "babysitting" the pot!

Food cooks uniformly because of the heat that spreads out evenly along the lines of the concentric circles.  Steam is naturally condensed, keeping moisture inside, and all food cooks on medium heat.  When nature is used in the right way, it works best and for your convenience.  These pots start off slowly but pick up speed and complete cooking in just about the same time, compared to metals that rapidly heat and easily burn food.

MEC is finished in a special way to harness the naturally non-stick nature of the raw material.  And by following the few simple instructions for use, the pots become fully non-stick within the first 2-3 uses.  Food barely sticks to the pot/pans and so they are  easier to clean!

For all these reasons and some more customers say cooking with MEC is easy and stress-free.


The MEC difference: Primary clay is an excellent retainer of heat. Your food stays warm several hours after cooking.

Have you cooked in a pot and come back in an hour to serve yourself just to find out the food is cold already? Disappointing isn't it? Not anymore! With MEC you can come back in one hour or even five hours and your food is still warm and ready to eat!


The MEC Difference: Well Priced, price match guarantee.  Cooks all your food in about the same time.  Slow cookers recipes in less than 1/4 of the time.

While expensive metal cookware that leach heavy metals and toxins sell in the thousands, these 100% healthy pots cost way less --because our mission is not to make high profits, but to serve people and the planet because that is real & lasting profit.

All food cooks in about just the same time as conventional cookware, give or take 5-10 minutes and think about the health value of your food, it surpasses even your most expensive copper or titanium pot!  Slow cooker meals that take 12-18 hours can be fully cooked in 3 hours or less, without any nutritional compromise!

MEC is backed by a strong & reliable warranty.


The MEC Difference: Hand-made in America with clay from within the USA! 

What started off as one woman’s personal quest for the healthiest and safest way to cook food for her family, is now Miriams Earthen Cookware (read our story!) Each piece is unique in that they are individually hand crafted by professional potters, right here in the USA. They’re made in Boston Massachusetts, and our clay is also harvested from within New England.  A fully functional work of art, adding much beauty & natural décor to your kitchens!


Healthy for you AND the planet! From harvesting the clay to the different processes of hand making it, to the firing, packaging and shipping, MEC's pots and pans are one of the only ones made with ZERO negative impact on the environment. Once they are with you they are "green" all the way till the end of their life (which could be several decades long). Read how it is the  "greenest" cookware in the making & functionality


We know clay cooking is rather new to some, and we want you to eat healthy and promise to be there if you need us along the way as you discover this fascinating method of cooking. Contact us any time & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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Cooking In Your Pure-Clay Pots:

Cooking in your MEC clay pots & pans is an easy & natural process. Lara, a nutritionist in New York city, had this to say after using the pots for the 1st time: “I just finished cooking with your pot for the first time. It was fantastic. I am not someone who is good in the kitchen, but your directions are very clear, and the process felt very natural….”

MEC pots are made using the best skill + technology available today. They are sturdy, well built, strong cooking pots & pans made with you -- the cook in mind. With proper use & care they can last a life time or more!

Seasoning Your Pots:
Before first use thoroughly wet & rinse the pot and lid under running...