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It's interesting that a phrase similar to this (Make America Great) has become a cliche in recent years, but the truth is America is already great and can continue being great and become greater only if we are healthy. There is so much do to and it all begins with eating the right food -- healthy, non-toxic, nutrition rich food.  This is possible only if that food and cookware are of the right kind.  We have set out on a mission to help people cook in the right kind of pots, ones that can cook without adding toxins into the food and cook it without destroying nutrients.  With this initiate, we want to help more people cook great food in these pots... Read More

Slow cooking doesn’t have to be “Slow” anymore!! Learn about the ancient art of cooking very healthy meals faster!

The practice of using a slow cooker for certain recipes originated for two main reasons – first, the convenience of cooking without babysitting, and secondly, the belief that slow cooking is good for nutrients in food. This is why people frequently adopt slow cooking for recipes like bone broth. 

Though conventional slow cooking may seem a great …

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Our Care For Clay Pots

Our care for clay pots


We’ve been talking a whole lot about the importance of seasoning your clay pot before the first use and how properly caring for your earthen cookware in terms of cleaning and storing will help you enjoy your pots and pans for much longer. That is your part of carefulness, but …

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Miriam’s Earthen Cookware cooks food that makes a difference: Delicious, Healthy & Pure!

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware, popularly known as ‘MEC’ is a pioneering company based in the US, serving people all around the globe with the best pots and pans made from the healthiest material ever used by humankind – all-natural, unglazed primary clay! 

It is not just another cookware brand; when it comes to cooking healthy food, …

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This Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker and Dutch Oven combo is 100% Healthy

Three pots made from the same healthy material – 100% non-toxic, pure clay and can be used for so many types of cooking including pressure cooking, as a rice cooker and a Dutch oven. Doesn’t it sound great? In case you haven’t guessed already, I am talking about Miriams Earthen Cookware’s (MEC) set of 3 pots. 

This set includes pots of three …

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Why Miriam’s Earthen Cookware makes the 1st choice for those looking for 100% non-toxic cookware

Food is one of the most important factors that determine our health. It strengthens and sustains life inside of us, so we must pay attention to the thing that directly affects the health of our food – the cookware! Nobody wants his/her food to be full of toxins, deficient in nutrients and lacking natural flavor …

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Start making your bone broth in 100% no lead, fast cooker today, and enjoy the great benefits of healthier & nutritious, non-toxic broth!

Are you used to making your bone broth in a conventional s-l-o-www cooker? If yes, it’s time you switch to this new yet most time-honored method of cooking that is not just faster but a lot healthier too!  

Conventional slow cooking pots not only take a really long time but are also known to leach Lead (a neurotoxin) and other metals. Not …

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