About Us

Inspired by the simple beauty and overwhelming potential in nature, we created our line of Natural Clay Cookware.

Our Mission:

Inspired By The Simple Beauty And Overwhelming Potential In Nature, We Created Our Line Of Natural Clay Cookware.

Our mission & PROMISE is to provide to the consumer a 100% Healthy & Green alternative to cooking that has NO metals, toxins & other chemical contaminants.  Using our core ingredient pure and nutrient-rich clay we produce pots that are modern in design, versatile in use and with the best quality and finish for great tasting, extremely nutritious food.

Our Story:

Miriams Earthen Cookware was birthed from one woman's dream to help people cook their healthiest food in pure-clay pots.  She had every reason to believe this was possible because her own life was living proof to this fact (read her personal journey here).  So were the lives of many others who had the opportunity to share this experience.

From a very young age,  Miriam knew that in order to enjoy a healthy life one had to also have a positive interaction with the environment.  "We cannot mindlessly destroy the environment because of our sophisticated lifestyle and expect to stay healthy"  she believes.

Her compassion for people and her love for the environment caused her to embark on this journey that birthed America's first pure-clay cookware.  With a strong belief that if we could eat truly healthy & non-toxic food our health could be preserved and even restored, she set out to do her job in making sure this was possible.

What is Pure-Clay Cookware?  Cookware and bake ware made from 100% primary clay without the use of ANY additives or chemicals in the raw material or in any of the making and finishing process.  And that which is not treated with glaze.

In 2008, when she first started, the challenge of making cookware from such a pure raw material, and the process of making it -- without ANY additives, was so big and seemed nearly impossible.  Nonetheless she was determined and strategically set about making it a reality.

Making it in America was another thing she was very stubborn about.   In a time and age where more things are made outside than inside the country, this seemed like a daunting task.  But she prevailed with perseverance.

Today, although the company carries her name, she will be the first one to tell you that without the team Miriams Earthen Cookware would not be a reality.  Every day we get great satisfaction in knowing that we're providing our customers the safest pots and pans to cook their carefully selected ingredients.

Her dream, which is also our dream today is to help as many people enjoy pure and delicious food in this safe and time-honored cooking method.  To that end we are thankful to all our customers who are making it a reality.

The MEC Team

We wish you great health, happiness and many, many wonderful meals in your MEC pure-clay cookware               

-- Miriam Kattumuri