About Us

Inspired by the simple beauty and overwhelming potential in nature, we created our line of Natural Clay Cookware.

Our Mission:

Our mission & PROMISE is to provide to the consumer a 100% Healthy & Green alternative to cooking that has NO metals, toxins & other chemical contaminants.  Using our core ingredient pure and nutrient-rich clay we produce pots that are modern in design, versatile in use and with the best quality and finish for Great Tasting, Extremely Nutritious food.

About the Founder:

Her love for the environment and the fact that she wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of people, Miriam Kattumuri from a very early age set out with a mission. The mission was to ensure that we always maintain a positive interaction with nature and the environment in all our activities. Give the best to Mother Nature and get the best back from her.  She strongly believed that this type of healthy interaction will ensure the human race a long and healthy life. Miriam who grew up in India, the country of spices, and a place where cooking is still done with all natural ingredients, had all the reasons to believe in what nature offers us to be able to live a healthy life style.

Her mission and vision continued to shape her life and her goals for the future. While in her twenties, married and with a young child she was all the more motivated to give her new family the best in terms of food and nutrition. She strongly believed that when you leave this earth is in the hands of your creator but, how well you live the days of your life in body, mind and soul is truly in your hands.  Her never-ending quest to improve her life and the lives of others around her led her to this timeless method of cooking with clay.  Miriam who always loved to work with clay, was fascinated with the overwhelming benefits of cooking in pots made from pure-clay. She remembered the unforgettable taste of meals her grandmother used to cook with clay pots, and now realized that that was just the beginning.

Over the course of the next three years, she was researching and experimenting all the benefits of clay cooking.  The more she experienced it’s goodness, the stronger her urge to pass it on to others. She had found her calling.  It was with this mission in mind and with over four years of extensive research, with time-tested history and nature as her guide, Miriam kattumuri set out to create Miriam’s Earthen Cookware, a company dedicated to creating the best quality cookware & bakeware. Today, Miriam’s Earthen Cookware produces clay cooking pots and pans that are beautiful, professionally hand crafted, multi-functional and extremely healthy for you and the planet. They’re made in the USA, in Boston MA.

Her vision, which is our vision now is to make our line of cookware truly beneficial to you and our beautiful planet. Provide to you the healthiest and safest form of cookware, free of harmful chemicals, leaching metals and toxins that restrict and ultimately deny the ability of the human body to be well nourished and heal itself. So that we may in all our actions glorify our Creator!


Wishing you Great Health, Happiness and many, many wonderful meals in your MEC pure-clay cookware               -- Miriam Kattumuri