Green Cookware: Which is the Most Earth-Friendly Cookware and WHY?

Just as healthy cooking is important for our health, use of truly green cookware is important for keeping our planet "healthy". The presence of pollutants and toxins in the environment are bad for the health of the planet and eventually our own.

Human civilization has transcended from a time when it used to solely depend directly on nature for all its needs to a point where it has become independent in many ways in providing for itself. This independence has driven us far from the connection we used to cherish with nature and our surroundings. Little did we know this would affect the health of our planet and our own. It is now clear and is gaining more and more awareness by the hour.

Global warming and climate change are as real as one's own existence. We are dealing with various forms of pollution, the depletion of earth's natural resources, the effects of heavy metal and chemical contamination. Moreover, massive deforestation and the numerous landfills are not only affecting our beautiful planet but are also making it extremely difficult for our survival.

Consider just some of the ways making of conventional cookware have contributed to this disruptive pattern:

Massive deforestation

Thousands of acres of forest land are cleared to create iron, coal, copper, titanium mines and for mineral ores. They are used to make ceramics and other metal cookware disrupting wildlife.


Land Laid Waste Permanently

Any land that is cleared for mining is then laid waste permanently because of the highly toxic byproducts and tailing (mine dumps). Also, thousands of acres surrounding these plots are rendered too toxic and polluted for human or animal habitation. They can not be used for any cultivation.

Extensive Toxic Water & Air Pollution

Toxic waste and byproducts have contaminated more than 12,000 miles of rivers and streams. 180,000 acres of lakes and reservoirs are affected in America alone. Hundreds of tons of pollutants such as Carbon monoxide, benzene, ammonia, and toluene are released into the atmosphere during mining, extraction, and processing.

Toxic Tailings & Pollution Released into Water

Energy Consumption

Large amounts of energy are consumed for the processing of these ores, minerals, and metals. Several thousand of tons of greenhouse gases are produced during this process.

Extensive Damage To the Oceans and Marine Life

Almost all cookware used in the USA is made elsewhere outside the country. Most times it's on the opposite side of the globe.  The few who make their cookware here get their raw material from China or other places. This lucrative overseas trade is taking its toll on the people. It also affects the oceans these ships tread on. The filthiest form of diesel fuel is used to power the massive and heavy ships. Because of their speed and size, they inevitably collide with the marine life. As a result, endangered bigger fishes and whales become the victim.

Large Cargo Transportation, Dangerous Freight Boats

The Depletion of Earth's Natural Resources

Once a portion of ores and minerals are extracted from deep inside the earth, it does not get replaced with more. This depletion may have serious negative consequences on the earth's magnetic fields.

So How is Pure-Clay different? -- 100% Green Cookware

Truly Green Cookware made from 100% Non-toxic Pure Clay by Miriams Earthen Cookware

It is "Green" in the Making:

It's a 100% renewable resource that is 'harvested' not 'mined'

Pure-clay is found right on the surface of the earth, does not require mining! It is formed by the unique action between water, earth, and air. It is a 100% renewable resource. When a portion of it is taken for our use, the earth is designed to make more!

Pure-Clay is 100% Natural

Our raw material pure-clay is a composition of different nutrients and micro-nutrients (See the full list of Nutrients here). Interestingly, these nutrients are found in a very precise proportion similar to that in which they are found in the human body. When you cook in pure-clay, you're cooking in a pure version of the same earth that grows and nourishes your food.

It is "Green" while in Use:

Food cooks on medium heat, taking the same time!  Medium heat setting = high heat with clay, find out how:

Pure-clay is an excellent retainer of heat. All the heat given to the pot is retained in it for much longer (4-5x longer) than metals. Metals heat and cool at the same time so higher amount of heat is needed when cooking with metals and ceramics.

With Miriams Earthen Cookware your energy cost for cooking is sure to go down.

Keeps food warm for 4x longer than conventional pots:

Also because of it's unique heat retention capabilities, MEC keeps food warm for up to 6-8 hours.  That is 4 to 5 hours longer than metals. This reduces the need to heat and re-heat the food, again helping you save money and energy!

Some Foods Can Cook With Heat Turned off:

When cooking recipes with grains (rice, quinoa, pasta), or vegetables and some lentils and beans you can conveniently turn the stove off once heat builds-up inside the pot. The food will finish cooking with the just that heat! No need to leave the stove on until the last minute.

Uses less water and no soap to clean:

Burning, scorching and dry food in the bottom is  a thing of the past when cooking in MEC.  Food does not stick or burn like in metals because the pot becomes naturally non-stick in 3-4 uses. Cleaning takes less water and no soap; just use baking soda.

On an average, food stays good for 6-12 hours longer without spoilage:

Since the food stays warm for much longer and because of the porous nature of the pot, food retardation is delayed, saving the need for immediate refrigeration like with other pots.

And Continues to be Green even After:

Decompose and weather down without causing chemical imbalances to the soil where they are disposed.

When disposed at the end of their useful period (which could be several decades long), these eco-friendly pots and pans return to the earth in the manner that they were extracted. They become a part of the earth and in fact nourish (not pollute) the earth where they are disposed.

They're Made in the USA and All of them travel Carbon Neutral Certified

Our clay is harvested from within the USA. All our shipments travel around the world Carbon Neutral certified!

Watch Chef Morrisa unboxing her new eco-friendly cookware: