Miriams Earthen Cookware Price Match Program

Our price maBest Slow cookertch program was designed so that you can always get the best prices on every purchase. Find another 100% Pure Clay pot with at least 90% of MEC’s features, selling for less? Contact us and we’ll be happy to beat their price or give ours for FREE.

*We will require proof from a legitimate Internet retailer website or a formal Quote.
*MEC reserves the right to verify availability and price before a price match is granted.

What are MEC’s features and how can I compare them?

Compare: Are the other pots made from 100% all-natural, pure clay and made using NO additives?

MEC is made from 100% all-natural clay without ANY additives or toxins.

Compare: Is the complete composition of their clay tested? Can you see the test results?

The complete composition of MEC clay is tested at a state laboratory in MA.

Compare: Are they guaranteed to be 100% free of Lead, Cadmium and other toxins?

Our clay is guaranteed to be 100% Free of Lead, Cadmium all other toxins.

Compare: Is is unglazed and fully finished?

MEC cookware is unglazed and fully finished by a method known as terra-sigillata using only water and clay.

Compare: Are they made in the USA?

MEC is handmade in USA with all raw materials from within the US.

Compare: Are they multi-functional? Can be used on the Stove-top, Oven and Slow cookers.

MEC pots/pans are multi-functional, they can be used on the Stove top, Oven, in Slow cookers, grills, outdoor fire pits and on wood stoves.

Compare: Are they multi-cooking? Can they be used for all types of cooking?

MEC pots/pans are multi-cooking they can be used for all types of cooking from cooking grains, to soups, steaming, baking, roasting etc.

Compare: Do they have a steam lock mechanism?

MEC pots/pans have a unique steam lock mechanism. With their steam condensing lids, to the design of the pots and the purity of the raw material which cooks food with gentle heat that lets moisture break into steam only towards the last part of the cooking.

All these features greatly contribute to locking steam much better than any other pots.

Compare: Do they come with a warranty?

MEC pots come with a full 1 year warranty. Read more.






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