Make America Healthy Initiative | MEC

It’s interesting that a phrase similar to this (Make America Great) has become a cliche in recent years, but the truth is America is already great and can continue being great and become greater only if we are healthy.
There is so much do to and it all begins with eating the right food — healthy, non-toxic, nutrition rich food.  This is possible only if that food and cookware are of the right kind.  We have set out on a mission to help people cook in the right kind of pots, ones that can cook without adding toxins into the food and cook it without destroying nutrients.  With this initiate, we want to help more people cook great food in these pots…

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What Does it Mean When A Pan Says it is PFOA Free?

Glazed Cookware

When looking to buy healthy non-stick pans, you may have seen some pans advertising themselves as ‘PFOA Free’. What does this mean? Many people who are looking for healthy & green cookware sets are aware of the devastating effects this chemical can have on both the environment and our body. This article talks about PFOA and its modern substitutes: highlighting their impact on health and the environment. It also offers a truly non-toxic and green alternative for cooking.

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How Does a Dutch Oven Compare to Other Pots and Pans?

When buying new pots and pans, one might compare: slow cooker vs. Dutch oven? Pressure cooking, or instant pot? This article will focus on Dutch ovens and their uses, and how they compare to other cookware.

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Buying the Safest Pressure Cooker for Healthy & Non-Toxic Meal Preparation

Nutritious Cooking is best done in a pure clay pot

The invention and evolution of the pressure cooker is a fascinating modern era accomplishment. On top of the existing safety features to prevent kitchen accidents, there are other important pressure cooker features that you should check to ensure the health and safety of your food. Which should you buy, then?

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Best MEC Maintenance Tips: How to Clean Your Clay Pot, Make Your Pot Last, and More!

Cleaning Clay Pot Lid for Seasoning

You just recently got yourself one or more of MEC’s 100% non-toxic clay pots, the safest pots and pans for cooking. But how do you take care of it? How do you make it last? Thankfully, if you follow these useful tips for cleaning and maintaining your MEC unglazed clay pots, these pots can last you a lifetime. Here is a quick guide for taking care of your healthy cookware:

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Aluminum Foil Toxicity: Why Cooking with Aluminum Foil is Poor for Your Health and a List of Better Alternatives

Easy Reheating with MEC

Aluminum foil is super convenient in the kitchen to use for food preparation and storage. You can use it keep foods such as meats warm and/or moist. You may use a sheet of aluminum foil to wrap up packets of marinated vegetables or fish for the grill, to line a baking sheet, or to cover casseroles in the oven. But is using aluminum foil in such close contact with food and heat safe? Keep reading to discover more.

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Clay Pot Cooking: This Ancient Art & Science is Making a Big Comeback in Modern Kitchens!

Clay Pot Cooking

Clay pot cooking is an art and science in and of itself! Clay pot cooking might not be the primary method of cooking in our civilization anymore, but it used to be so until a few hundred years ago. When we moved to metal cookware, we lost touch with the numerous health benefits that comes from cooking with clay. Read more here.

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All-Natural Cookware Made in the USA with 8 Amazing Healthy Features You Will Not Find Elsewhere!

Cookware Made in USA

Are you looking for the best cookware brand fully made in the USA? Finding locally manufactured products can be incredibly important. This article explains the awesome benefits of Miriam’s Earthen Cookware, a brand that is sourced and manufactured fully in the United States.

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How Safe are Non-Stick Pans, and are there Healthier and Safer Options?

Best non-stick pot! Naturally non-stick, no chemical coating because pure clay is 'breathable' and repels foods stickiness.

One of the more predominant pieces of cookware on the market is a pan with a non-stick coating. With the natural stickiness of some foods like eggs, sugars, and rices, many opt for this type of coated cookware to make cleanup easy after preparing a meal. We have all seen how some nonstick pans are so good at their job that you can have an egg slide around in the pan as if gliding on air! But are non-stick pans safe? Unfortunately, although nonstick cookware may be extremely convenient, it might not be a healthy choice for our body. This article serves as a guide on commonly used nonstick pots and pans and their health impact as well as presenting the many benefits of a safe and healthy option.

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Clay Cookware & Its Safety: Why All-Natural Clay is the Healthiest Cooking Material

MEC Set of Two Pots made from 100% tested pure clay | Handmade in the USA.

Is it safe to cook in clay pots? This is the first question that comes to mind of any healthy cook who is considering clay pot cooking as an alternative to metal cookware. To avoid food contamination, it is good to look for an alternative, and what could be better than an all-natural material that is naturally non-toxic and inert? What makes a clay pot a safer choice than conventional cooking pots? This article acts as your guide to clay cooking safety and how to find the right clay pots for cooking.

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How to Choose a Healthy Saucepan and Why MEC Pots Make a Perfect One

Image of Mixed Vegetable soup in clay pot

Whether you want to boil pasta, cook rice, or prepare your favorite sauce, saucepans are pivotal in making things convenient in the kitchen. This versatile piece of cookware can cook a variety of dishes – thanks to its unique design. Although a saucepan is great for cooking a variety of recipes, choosing a healthy and non-stick pan that perfectly meets your needs is important. Read to learn about the features to look for when buying a new saucepan.

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Healthy Rice Cooking with Stainless Steel Inner Pots: Pros, Cons, and an Even Healthier Alternative

yogurt rice

Rice is a staple for most of the world’s population, which makes rice cookers one of the most popular cooking pots around the globe. There are different types of rice cookers available in the market today, and rice cookers with a stainless steel inner pot are very common. Stainless steel pots do not corrode as quickly as other cookware and are durable, making it a generally preferred choice for a rice cooker insert. But what if we told you there was a cookware that acted as a better insert than even stainless steel, or could operate as a better rice cooker altogether? This article will highlight the pros and cons of common stainless steel inserts on the market, and provide the healthiest option for rice cooking.

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Say Goodbye to Store Bought Yogurt – Benefits of Making Yogurt at Home

making yogurt at home

Making yogurt at home is much healthier than the store-bought yogurt, but some still go for the store bought yogurt …

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Creamy & Delicious Broccoli and Potato Chowder

Broccoli Potato Chowder

This creamy chowder is perfect for a comforting meal on a cooler day. This recipe normally calls for ingredients like butter and cream, but with MEC, these ingredients are not necessary! Broccoli is a healthy vegetable with a lot of nutritive value, and is an amazing immune system booster. We hope you enjoy this recipe!

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Green & Eco-Friendly Cookware Sets (From a US Made Brand)

A truly green and eco-friendly set of cookware fulfills healthy cooking needs, while also being environmentally friendly at every stage of its lifespan: from raw material procurement, to the making of the cooking pots and pans, to its usage, to its eventual disposal. Here are the factors that decide whether your cookware set is green and eco-friendly:

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