Cooking In Healthiest Cookware

As much as we are about clay cookware we are also about cooking healthy food in the clay pot so to that end we have started our blog where you will find many healthy clay pot recipes from around the world, cooking tips and How-To tutorials on using your pots for the multi-cooking functionality it was…

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Homemade Thick & Delicious Yogurt Without Additives or Thickners


Yogurt is best made in a clay pot and the two main reasons are a) the extremely efficient heat retaining capacity of the clay pot holds the heat for the longest time at just the right temperature for the culture to incubate and b) the micro-pores in the pot draws water out (and only water) slowly, making it thicker naturally…

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Delicious, Nutritious Greens In a Clay Pot


Cooking greens in your pure clay pots is a quick and easy process!

The following recipe can be done with any type of greens such as collard, turnip greens. Don’t limit yourself to just spinach and kale!

A few tip before you start: the best way to wash your greens is to soak the greens in still water for at least 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

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How To Cook Quinoa in MEC

Cooking Quiona in the Healthiest way

Cooking quinoa was an interesting experience because typically quinoa is cooked by boiling water adding quinoa and constantly stirring to prevent it from burning. Then to turn off the stove just to find that a lot of the quinoa is stuck to the pot and the texture is hard and chewy.

It is much simpler (and healthier!) to cook quinoa in a clay pot. There are only two steps…

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