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A month ago I bought two clay pot, which is absolutely amazing. I am very happy with my purchase. I would buy again in future. ***** Akkal Rai United Kingdom
- Akkal

My experience with MEC

Clay pots were not even on my radar, until a visit to my friend Ramah’s house. She grew up in India and knew I was making homemade yogurt. She showed me a traditional yogurt clay pot. I had never heard of this before. I knew traditional wisdom often proves beneficial and I searched the Internet that evening. I found a few sites, but Miriam’s was the most interesting and informative, and her clay pots seemed to be the highest quality, most non-toxic around. (Please read my full review on my blog:
- Sally Zimmermann

Two Years Clay Strong

Miriam's Earthen Cookware is a company I have been investigating personally and testing for the past two years. I have to say, not only have I been blown away with every test and evaluation but so has my wife and everyone else that has eaten the food or seen the product. In fact, I love them so much I went and became a fanboy and started a YouTube channel called Cooking With Clay that I now need to populate with content. I would be happy to speak with anybody with questions or concerns and share my experience. MEC has permission to put me on a three way call or email etc because I truly want others to experience the benefits and joy of this type of cooking. I am unaffiliated, unpaid, all that stuff. I pay for my clay and I don't receive any financial compensation ever. I'm doing it because they're a great small business with a great product and I support it. About the clay: I have a X Large pot, Medium Pot, and Large Pan. I recently went on a month long road trip with JUST a medium pot and it was a trooper. We've been using it so much it has become hyper efficient at cooking. It is a whole new style of cooking to adapt to, but it is such a joy to master and the process is fun. You've never seen greens cook and still come out as green as they do in a clay pot! Far infrared heat is amazing. Wooden spoon, clay pot, warm flame... ahhhh the bare necessities and the best foods. -Thanks so much for providing something so hard to find and such a high quality product , Much love from Texas - Carmelo I would urge anyone looking for the ultimate in cookware or just some cookware with natural mojo and flair to look into the health benefits of cooking this way. Take a year or two of slowly adapting to these so your learning curve doesn't get the best of you. Two years later we are doing 95%+ of our cooking in MEC. A little background... my wife and I consume whole food plant based diet and are unable to eat in restaurants. We do all of our meals at home and pretty much all of that in MEC. It pulls toxins out of non organics and is gentler on the nutrients in the organics. It is really great for flavor, and it keeps everything you need in the food as intact as possible. The membrane breaths and there is more wonder in a clay pot than I can possibly type out here.
- Carmelo TX USA

Earthen Cookware Excellence

Never having used clay/earthen cookware before, I cannot believe what a difference this cookware has made in my family’s life. Buying three, I use one for general cooking-roasts, beans, one for yogurt-which changed my yogurt making forever-so creamy-so easy, and one for fresh water. I just can’t say enough positive things about this cookware. The safety testing of the clay, the information provided on the website and the packaging make this an amazing company.
- Judith/MO USA


The best cookware I have ever used. Food cooks faster and tastes better.I am changing all my pots and pans to Miriam Earthen Cookware.
- Sonya Behnia Ca USA

Contest cookware set

I think it is wonderful that your cookware is available for cooking on TOP of the stove. I tried my First ever Clay Pot from that other European Company for inside the Oven a few months ago. I am convinced that food tastes better and is healthier for my body. I would love to use YOUR Pot Set for All my cooking on the stove top. I love to cook and if what I make for my family is healthier, that would be wonderful. I have read the information, including some of your Recipies, on your site and I am entering your contest in the hope that I win a Set of Pots from your company. I am so impressed from the reviews I read. It would be incredible if I have the chance to keep my family healthy by eliminating any further toxic waste that they may have already accumulated in their bodies from regular cookware. Thank you for making these pots. Helen, Canada
- Canada


It awesome! It’s very healthy. My daughter and i enjoy it very much. Totally different feeling. Thank you Miriam!
- Mei Mei Jiang Georgia, United States

How amazing the scent

it smells like i am in the dessert again once i can smell the fresh aromas coming out of the pot, something i havent smelled since i'd been in the dessert where these scrubs grows. in the old pots i was using (cast iron) there was a sterile smell, i thought i never again would smell the fresh scent of the dessert. How amazing it is, it makes the tea come alive and everything i cook in it. I cant wait to cook more and more in these pots, I have learned how to season them. Follow the instructions! It takes a little patience, but the best things many times do. I am so happy with these pots. I have seasoned , then i cook small things in the pot, first on low then medium heat, then i work my way up from a small pot of the pan being filled (1/4 then to 1/2) gradually. This has worked the best for me, to insure that these pots last many years. I am so happy to hear that this cookware is from the USA, thank you Miriam
- April Massachusetts

Great cookware!

I'm very excited about my 6 quart pot. I made the best chile ever. The pot was easy to clean. The taste was incredible. I wish I had discovered this years ago. It's great knowing the health benefits. Expensive but worth it. I plan to slowly replace all my cookware with MEC cookware.
- M. Hamilton, Ohio USA

Blown Away

I bought my pot pretty much for the health benefits. I was rather intrigued by the idea of cooking in a clay pot. Although it had been stated that food tastes better when cooked in clay, I didn't really expect a great deal of difference. How wrong I was...I'm incredibly impressed by the difference. Still figuring out how to cook in my new pot but WOW! Thank you MEC!
- Sam Oregon US

Best Ever!!!

I never write reviews, but this is truly the best purchase I ever made. The pots are so beautiful, and it feels so natural to cook with. Love how good the food is tasting, and how much healthier for my family. Thank you so much !! Also what a wonderful company to work with, she is so very helpful on the phone. Easy to use pans, easy to clean, not heavy, just so wonderful!
- shar, USA

Conscious Consumer Pick

As conscious consumers, we all should be supporting eco-friendly, health-conscious, made in America products that are founded/owned by women. MEC is one of a small number of such companies. On that basis alone, check out their store and order something!
- Patrica E, United States

Delicious And Aromatic!

MEC's cookware is not complete without the cook! That's right. Within a few weeks of use, these pots and pans absorb the oils and flavors we cook with. So, once seasoned, a pot develops its own unique attraction for the folks it feeds, and no two pots are ever the same again! For example, I'm a great consumer of coconut oil, onions, curry powder, rosemary, and thyme, with lentil stew and steamed kale dishes. Mmmm! Now my adult son has engaged me in providing him with cooking lessons! Check it out!
- Dianne, MA, USA

Quest For Health Just Got Easier!

I've been looking for healthy cookware/bakeware for years. Wish I'd found Miriam's before throwing away so much on so-called healthy cookware. I really like that MEC has done the research, does the testing and I can feel safe cooking and eating from the pots I just ordered! Also, the personal service and help on the phone. Being from Canada I was trying to find ways to keep the $/exchange from hurting too badly - MEC gave me the best advice on how to buy the most versatile set of pots which saved me $$ over what I thought I needed. A good, trustworthy company in my opinion!
- Shelley, BC, Canad

Pots For Health

★★★★★'s what sustains us.... it's what heals's one of life's greatest pleasures ....and one of life's greatest treasures. Our bodies ultimately depend on it to survival. We are the custodians of our bodies and of the food that nourishes and rebuilds us from day to day. That means growing it with care....storing it sensibly and finally, cooking it to preserve all it can give us. There's no better way to do that than with Miriam's Earthen Cookware. It's the right step to take towards preserving your health ....knowing your food is cooked at it's best.
- Steve Bossler....South Carolina....USA

How I Use My MEC

FOR SLOW COOKER i recommend put a MEC in your slow cooker instead of the original stoneware that the slow cooker comes with (because one never knows whats in those mass produced moulds). I found that 3-in-1 slow cooker takes in medium size MEC. Also, Rival 5 qt crockpot accommodates medium size MEC. Place a diffuser under your clay pot and replace the clay lid with a glass or metal one for tight closure and prepare most nourishing stews. Here is my favorite recipe (created by yours truly) First line the bottom of MEC with chopped onions. Then put 2 cups of broth (beef, chicken or turkey or combination of any two); add 1 pounds of turkey meat (Whether thigh or breast, its all good). Add brown rice (same volume as the Turkey breast). Add strips of 3 dried apricots and about 6 cranberries. Optional (a and b): a. Put 1 tablespoon grated fresh horseradish or pepper to taste. b. Add 1 Teaspoon of crushed bayleaf. Add water to the liquids of the pots, to allow the liquids, in total, to reach same height in pot as the turkey breast and rice. Drizzle 2 tablespoons of olive oil on top. Cover with either MEC lid or glass lid. Let it cook (2 hours on low heat over gas stove) or 3 hours on high in a slow cooker. Before you serve, add crushed cumin. The natural clay imparts a taste and aroma that only a good quality clay cookware can! I cant think of my kitchen without my favorite pots - Miriam's Earthen Cookwares! Thank you Miriam!!!
- Aubrey, NY

Love, Healthy & Natural, Trust!

What I love most about Miriams Earthen Cookware is that is it completely natural and unprocessed, making it the healthiest cookware available! And that is so unique and rare to find nowadays in our high-tech world! I have felt more energized using these products, and have better tasting food. Thank you so much MEC for returning us to our roots! Cookware the REAL way!! Love these high quality pieces! <3
- Cheryl, California, USA

My Clay Adventure

I am not by any means an expert with this cookware but I do love it and can see and taste the difference using it. I was blessed to meet Miriam and the gentleman who was firing the pots one day. Both of their energy was gentle & kind and that is the energy that is infused into the cookware <3. My pots did crack because my stove is atrocious and needs to be replaced but I still use them every day for eggs, vegi hot dogs & burgers etc. They are wonderful. One of my favorite things to make is coconut yogurt with young coconut. Simply blend the meat, water & probiotics in a blender then pour into clay pot and place in the oven with the light on for 24 to 48 hours ... perfection (: My best advice is don't be afraid, cook your food on low to medium low ... enjoy & embrace a clean healthy way to cook <3.
- Laura Marie Creedon/Massachusetts, USA

Love My Small Pot

so far so good, rice is a new level of delicious. doing yogurt next, can already tell I'm going to need another clay pot in my life...
- chris oregon united states


These pots are awesome! Great for everyday use. A well seasoned pot imparts a wonderful aroma to your kitchen or pantry and amazing flavors to the food you cook. I bought them to be healthy but I got so much more!!
- Kevin Frantz, NC, USA

Healthy Living

The best cookware I ever had, to keep my family healthy without depleting the nutrients while cooking
- United States


I have been detoxing my kitchen switching to non-toxic cookware, bakeware, glassware, etc... Originally I switched to mostly cast iron based upon my initial research and recommendations from other people. But I was still skeptical about the cast iron since I was using it multiple times of day....I was worried about the amount of inorganic iron leaching into our food. Then by chance, on my research marathon again, I stumbled upon Miriam's Earthen Cookware....the best thing I ever did. I only have one pot so far, but use it for almost everything and love it! I love that it is completely non toxic and the food tastes amazing! This is the best non toxic cookware and I sleep better at night knowing that no chemicals are leaching into our food. I love that I am cooking healthy for my family. You must try this will change your life!
- Emilie A / Colorado USA


LOVE this cookware! I've used the large pots for cooking and also I keep one especially for making the BEST yogurt around! It really does make food even more delicious! Thank you for making these with non-toxic materials too! Very happy with this product!!!
- Lisa, North Carolina USA

Health Nuts Take Note

Organic when possible√ NonGMO√ Avoid microwaves√ No Teflon√... Healthy cookware? I never thought of it! I thought I had it all covered. Miriam’s Earthen Cookware, based on all the research I did is not only at the top of their game, but seriously, try your favorite soup and yogurt recipe in their pots... It's so much tastier!
- Rebekah R | USA

Ditch The Titanium

If only my wallet and I had known about Miriam's Earthen Cookware before. Before I bought into the myth of and indeed bought a titanium cookware set. First, don’t be misled, titanium still will react and leach into the food you cook with it. Second, not only is Miriam's Earthen Cookware truly a healthy cookware, by comparison to titanium (I paid nearly $450 for my titanium soup pot) it’s an affordable healthy cookware. Seriously, if you’ve stumbled upon Miriam's Earthen Cookware in your searching… stop! You’ve found what you’re looking for!
- Josh Pennsylvania, USA

Highly Recommended

I love cooking in earthen pots. So happy that I can do my favorite recipies in the MEC . They retain the flavor and goodness of the food. I highly recomend it.
- Gwendolene Mudiappa | MA-USA

Great Customer Service; Love My Beautiful Nontoxic Pots

"I bought two ""seconds"" pots. Because of that, they were not made perfectly, but they functionally work great and I use one for making yoghurt and the other one ALL the time for perfect rice, soups, and many other dishes. Food cooked in clay tastes worlds better than cooked in metal to me. One pot came in broken from transit and MEC was super easy to work with about replacing it for free. The only negative is the knob of one of the pots snapped off when I was washing it a month ago. I don't think it was made as well being a second and maybe I was holding it too tightly. Lucky for me I'd saved the lid off the broken pot, so I have a backup. 🙂 I suggest you be very careful with your knobs if you get seconds. Over all, the pots are absolutely wonderful. I was looking for high quality non-toxic cookware and these fit the bill. They are very easy to clean and I've not had much issue with food sticking. Make sure you season them properly before using. A lady who used clay all her life also advised me to soak or at least run the pot full of water before each use to prevent it from cracking. I plug my sink and fill it with an inch or so of water and then fill the pot and turn the lid upside down and let the whole think soak a few minutes while I gather ingredients. I don't know if that has helped, but both pots are holding up nicely. They look beautiful sitting in my kitchen to boot! I look forward to getting more MEC pots in the future."
- Anna

The Best Yoghurt

The best yoghurt and creamiest yoghurt I make in my clay pot I love the spot
- United States

Great Cooking Pot

Please use this cookware. I have been using this for last four years and love it. I have recommended to lot of my friends who love it too. Great product you can use it to cook anything.
- Santosh

Responsible Alternative

I recommend this cookware to anyone seriously considering a healthy, eco-friendly and responsible alternative to what is commonly found on the market today, to our postmodern, consumeristic and insensitive ways of production and consumption. Just as the "seed-to-table" model should be considered when it comes to food production, or "slow-fashion" from fair trade and/or small businesses, so too other products that we purchase should be considered if we are to be ethically and morally responsible. This applies not only to how we treat our fellow human persons, their dignity as citizens of our world, and their right to healthy basic necessities and fair wages; but also the right use over God's creation that has been entrusted to us as good stewards. I am glad to not only support Miriam's small business but also support her healthful cookware products as a viable healthy way of cooking not only beneficial for the body but also for planet earth. I have already shared and successfully enabled some loved ones to incorporate some of her cookware for their own use and hope that others will consider switching as well.
- Tara Dawn Healy / Florida, USA

Love Miriam’s

Just love this beautiful earthy cookware! It’s Such a satisfying feeling to know that I’m cooking in the healthiest cookware! LOVE it!! My goal is to have at least one of every piece!
- Cher Hampton Oklahoma USA

Great Product.

Please use this cookware. Great product you can use it to cook anything .
- Sudha umesh

Great For Roasts

Cooking a roast in Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is a pleasure. A roast, potatoes, and vegetables are cooked in 1-1/2 hours on the stove top. Much faster than the all-day cook in a crock pot. All of the food is tender also. I recommend Miriam’s Earthen Cookware!
- Irene Walther, Fl USA

Great For Bone Broth

I enjoy cooking with Miriam’s Earthen Cookware. First, it gently steams the food and does not overcook it. I especially like making bone broth. Even the poultry bones produce a gelatinous broth! In other cookware, the poultry bone broth is liquid and runny. Great is the time it takes, only 3 to 4 hours instead of 12 to 24! I recommend Miriam’s Earthen Cookware! Irene W., Orlando, FL
- Irene Walther, Fl USA

I Have Been Using These MEC Pots…

"I have been using these mec pots sice from around 3-4yrs now. Initially it was a challenge cooking in these pots because it was totally new concept for me and I broke few of the pots but as the time went pots became very strong and cooking in them as easy as cooking in regular metal cookware. Definitely cooking time is a bit longer as when compared to the metal cookware but the taste n flavour you get from cooking in these pots is so good that it just cannot be compared . I have personally seen and have been experiencing the health benefits from using these pots I can definitely say that my resistance power has been increasing gradually through the years. Pros: 1) definitely 100% tasty healthy and flavour full food each and every time. 2) once it seasoned and used with little care it can be lasting for years. I have been using my rice pot for more than three years. I cook twice a day in the same pot. 3) cleaning is not at all hard just after cooking we have to leave the pot till it cools down and then we have to soak it for about 5 min or so that's it you can clean it right way with out any hard work . 4) once pot got seasoned nicely it doesn't take much oil for cooking. 5) makes perfect brownrice, hand pounded rice. Cons: 1) initially don't go for preparing any kind of curries or deep fries in it as it will absorb lot of oil n pot may break. Just use it for cooking brown rice or soups or lentils or dals till the pot gets seasoned nicely. 2) bit more time taking than regular cookware. I have been using mec pots n refered these mec cookware to many of my friends."
- Madhavi Anjana

Beyond Awesome!!!

Have been enjoying the blessing of your clay cookware for almost a year now. No more natural cookware have I ever experienced! The flavor and texture your cookware imparts to the Wild Rice and Wild Vegetables I enjoy daily is Beyond Awesome!! Your new cups and bowls are the perfect compliment to these pots, taking the experience to an even deeper level!! The heartfelt attention given to my inquiries by the folks at MEC is equally Beyond Awesome!!
- Dale, MI, US

Miriam’s cookware Does Not Disappoint!!

Miriam’s cookware is amazing...not only is it beautiful, but it’s wonderful to cook with and extremely satisfying to know I’m cooking in the best for my family!!!!
- Scottyncher Hampton

Fantastic Clay Pots

The clay pots are fantastic. I wish everyone cooked and baked with clay pots.
- Anya Juan Risco/TX, USA


My daughter-in-law owns these are amazing I would love to have a set of my own. I love the design, even heat when cooking and they are a set that will last a lifetime. I am not a own of these but cook with them several times a week and they are the best quality I have seen yet thanks.
- United States


I have been using these clay pots for almost 3 years. I absolutely love them. Everything cooks evenly, and tastes so much better. They did take a bit of getting used to, but I am delighted that I kept using them. When I have had questions, customer service answered promptly and answered my questions. And made sure I was confident that my question had been thoroughly answered. These pots are the best for chemical free cooking.
- Cindy, NJ USA

Best Way To Cook

In Indian cooking, my grandmother used to cook and keep yogurt in clay pots. It was very nutritious and beneficial to health. Great products.
- N Murthy USA

THE BEST Non-toxic Cookware!

I searched high and low for the best non- toxic cookware for our family. I was surprised myself to stumble on clay as an option. However as I delve into the research many had glazed that contained lead and other materials I definitely did not want seeping into our food. I then stumbled on to Miriam’s Earthen Cookwear and ordered immediately. Many years later I am still thrilled I did! The pots and tangible have held up as promised, every time I cook with them I feel connected to the organic way in which our family chooses to live, I am certain my children are not getting any chemicals leeching into their food and did I mention EVERYTHING tastes better in clay! I couldn’t be happier with our purchase!
- Kissa

I Bought Three Different Pots Based On...

I bought three different pots based on a recommendation from a friend and I haven’t been disappointed. The pots make beautiful brown rice and oatmeal. Chicken breast, even without a marinade comes out so juicy and tender. These pots are unique and I plan to use them for years to come. I bought three different pots based on a recommendation from a friend and I haven’t been disappointed. The pots make beautiful brown rice and oatmeal. Chicken breast, even without a marinade comes out so juicy and tender. These pots are unique and I plan to use them for years to come.
- Elizabeth

Pleased With The Customer Service

Ordered from Canada. The pot lid came broken, however customer service team took the necessary steps to ensure I would get a replacement. Have not used any of the products but very pleased with the customer service. Very excited to use these products. Have done lots of research and have not found anything comparable in North America. MANY thanks to Matilda who responded to my frantic emails. I would definitely recommend ordering from this site. :))
- Sadia K

Totally Up For Healthy Mud Pot Cooking

Totally up for healthy mud pot cooking, this is the way to go. Appreciate Miriam's commitment towards healthy cooking. Only issue i had was it cracks easily and weird replacement policy. Bought few pots, one of them cracked after few days, i was asked for $20 shipping for replacement. Doesn't stand direct gas stove heat.
- Sibish Basheer

Great Customer Service

Great customer service, and am starting new adventures in cooking with clay pots! Food is tasting wonderful and very pleased with my purchase.
- Elizabeth Canright

High Quality Service

I ordered three pots and my biggest one was broken upon arrival. I was disappointed and called the customer service number right away, although as I called, I realized that at 6pm on a Friday night, and it was 7pm on the east coast, no business would answer the phone at the time. Well, the phone WAS answered, and Miriam asked me to send photos of the broken pot and she would get a new one set out as soon as possible. In the meantime, I started using my two other pots. I was so impressed with the way brown rice cooked in my small pot, the flavor and texture was unlike anything I have experienced in cooking so far. And oatmeal, my pot makes such amazing oatmeal. I typically don't even like oatmeal, but the way that it cooks in the pot makes the texture and the flavor just amazing. It's like food as it was meant to be!
- Elizabeth, Texas, US

Finally Something Absolutely Healthy...

Finally something absolutely healthy on the market. I use to love slow cookers but there was too much of lead leaking into my food. As longer there was a finished glazed ,lead (it’s part of the glazed chemicals that EVERY ceramic company use) was leaking when the pot was hot. Most stainless steel pots that are made in China leak nickel and aluminum as well (go figure?!). Miriam cookware is AMAZING!! The food that I cook in the 3 pots I bought from her is delicious and absolutely healthy. On top of it Miriam have great warranty and great customer service.
- Tatiana Iordanova

Top-Notch Customer Service

Thank you so very much for such amazing customer service! Today, I received my second lid (due to the first one being cracked upon rereceip). It is arrived in perfect condition.  I have been thoroughly enjoying using my medium and large MEC pots from curry, to beef stew, homemade chicken and vegetable soup, so far.  Thank you again for an awesome product and top-notch customer service! Regards, Cecelia J Yopp
- Cecelia, CA, USA

My Family And I Are So Grateful

My family and I are so grateful we discovered Miriams Earthenware pots. We were looking for a way to cook bone broth and other slow cookery meals without the potentially harmful effects of lead and other chemicals in crock pots. Their cookware goes beyond my wildest expectations. Besides feeling confident about the safety and health benefits of cooking with clay cookware, the dishes are incredibly delicious and richer and the cooking time is greatly reduced. I love the recipes they have on their website and can't wait for a cookbook. The customer service is also amazing!
- Victoria Behar

I Was Really Hopeful...

I was really hopeful and bought 4 pots right away so I could stop using my pots with lead and nickel in them. I had trouble at first (because I hadn't read the instructions thoroughly) and was worried that I wasted a lot of money. But their customer service is AMAZING! They talked me through all my worries and fixed my problems! I just ordered a 5th pot and am so excited to be using such healthy cookware that cooks really well. And it's fun to get back in touch with history by using clay pots; I feel connected to most of cooking history by sharing the experience of a clay pot. Thanks MEC!
- Havilah Peterson Wingfield

I truly love my pots...

I truly love my pots they are strong my food has a true earthy flavor sometimes and I know that I am providing a metal free nutritious food to my children. As a mom of an autistic child My daily focus is to provide the cleanest food possible to my son! Thank goodness for Miriam cookware! We love it!!!!
- Ana Sanchez

Red Beauty Pot

Iam a malayali housewife.I will cook many items for this cookware.I am interest for cooking show .I have also cook cake for this pot.this is perfect cookware, delicious and easy handling. Thank you very much for given Miriam's earthen cookware.
- jasmine shebeek

Absolutely BEST Cookware Ever

Enjoying every meal I make on this cookware. I grew up cooking with clay pots, but sadly those pots were not free of contaminants. However, Miriam's cookware is made free of contaminants and is non toxic! So spending the money on these non toxic pots to cook my organic food is really is the best to insure that what I am putting into my body and that of my family is of the best quality possible. Taste can't be beat. Everything is delicious and perfect. My son in Japan first bought Miriam's cookware after a long search for such a product. Once he used MEC pots, he purchased 3 pots for me for my birthday this year. What a great gift and son. MEC Customer service is excellent as well. Within a few minutes of sending an email explaining a pot had some cracks in it, I received a call. My problem is being handled quickly and I will get my replacement pot soon. No company we have ever purchased anything from before has this quick, understanding, honest, and good customer service! Thank you MEC for living up to your high standards. I will be telling the rest of my family and friends to purchase your pots! Do yourself a favor, if you are looking to purchase pots, you found the right place at MEC. Buy them without fear. They really are excellent!
- Belinda, NE, USA

Members Of The Family!

Miriam's earthen pots are unlike cooking pots altogether, they are like members of the family. I feel like i am creating ritual rather than cooking. they love to dry in the sunshine, and then the soup tastes brighter for it. i like to cook with them mostly on the stove, but i have also an induction plate that i can timer set and works a treat with my big pot as a slow cooker. I will never buy another type of pot. true as.
- Ailsa |WA, Australia

MEC Clay Pots Are The Best...

Miriam's earthen clay pots are the best cooking vessels I have ever used. I have tried pressure cookers, stainless, enameled pans, you name it, it has been on my stove top at one point or another. I even used a crock pot with a ceramic glazed insert to cook beans in. What is interesting, is that one day a few weeks ago, I just got tired of the metal taste I tasted every time I used my pots. So, I went looking for a clay pot by instinct and just happened to come to Miriam's earthen cookware. On a hunch, without even reading her full site, I just bought one. When it arrived, I followed the seasoning directions and the next day, after letting it "cure " overnight, I cooked up my first meal. But it wasn't for me but my three golden retrievers. It consisted of lentils, sweet potatoes and carrots, and some ghee. Well, if dogs are a barometer, as their chow was cooking, the whole house filled with this lovely food aroma I have never smelled before. It smelled like 'FOOD." When serving time came, three tails were whipping around with delight. I put a little in a bowl for myself and fed the dogs. We all ate in silence, shocked at the quality of the food and no metal taste. Then, I went back to Miriam's website to learn what she was about. And to put it simply, to make a new cooking pot, Miriam went back to ancient history, where all cooking vessels were made of clay. Metal is a modern invention and one that should never have been taken. Cooking spaghetti in an aluminum pot,... that's what my mother used to do. All completely idiotic and stupid, The denizens of making a buck, sold us all down the river for something that was horrible for our food and health. All those toxic metals, including aluminum, they go right into your food because heat is a catalyst and leaches the metals out. So, the first thing I did after eating my first small lentil meal, was to put my first metal pressure cooker up for sale. And all my Le Creuset cookware that I thought I was married to, it is gone. There is simply no comparison. The clay is healthy and the other pots are junk compared to the taste. And if you doubt it, go to her site and do the baking soda test of your metal cookware. The taste that comes out of these metal pots is nothing short of disgusting. So, if you want to save your health, and even your dogs health, cook in Miriam's clay pots. Read her site. All the science is there. I will never cook in anything metal or enameled ever again. Miriam's earthen cookware is simply the best cooking vessel in the world.
- Kit Raymond, ME USA

The Real Deal Clay Pot

I just recently bought my clay pot and I can tell the difference between cooking in my clay pot and cooking with my other pots and pans. It is a wonderful experience. I know that I am truly cooking food at its absolute best with absolutely no toxins or pollutants contaminating my food. I am very happy with this purchase. You will not regret this purchase. Thank you Miriam for making the BEST clay pots out there!!
- K.Ross Ashland Va

A Breath Of Fresh Air

In a day and age when it seems everything is fast, furious and full of toxins, Miriam's Earthen Cookware is like a breath of fresh air. I was a little hesitant at first but the more I use it the better they are. I love cooking beans and rice in mine. Thank you Miriam for a best option for those of us who take the care of our bodies and families very seriously.
- sdspencer55

Highly Recommended

I've been using my Miriam's Earthen pure clay pot nearly daily for a couple months now and figured it was about time to write a review. First impressions: Because I'm on the poor side of life I went with an ""Alternate Line"" pot I read the disclaimer of ""The imperfections could include but are not limited to shallow surface dents and lids that may not have a perfect close."" but figured since you only saved 15% they probably only had a couple of this issues. I'd be wrong my pot came with every single one of them plus a couple. The lid doesn't close very well (Not just not perfect but not really even close), dents in the side, a small pothole in the bottom, and more. Needless to say I was a bit dismayed when I first opened the package. With a deep sigh though I recognized I took the risk of buying a discounted product and had no right to complain and set to work seasoning my new pot. I had already read the seasoning instructions online and was ready to go as soon as it got in. Seasoning was a boring but necessary task. The next day I was cooking my first pot of sprouted brown rice. Which was amazing! The taste was entirely different then anything I'd ever gotten cooking in stainless, glass, or ceramic. It was like rediscovering sprouted brown rice for the very first time. The long term impression: For the first week to follow I pretty much just used the pot to cook rice and quinoa. The next week I started getting more daring and cooking other things like soups and then everything which all turned out amazing. Though all with no small change to how I cooked things. Cooking in a pure clay pot requires both patience and attention. Not only dose it take a lot longer to get up to heat, once it dose it cooks fast. By the time I had owned my pot for three weeks I was using it to cook pretty much everything, the only time something doesn't get cooked in it is when I'm making meals that require me to make things at the same time since I only own one pot, and due to price v income don't see myself able to get another for a quite a long time. Guest and their reactions: When guest see my pot they are mostly shocked by how it looks... the number of defects in this particular pot just makes most people cringe, especially when they ask me how much it cost after trying the food cooked in it and being amazed. The next thing is the smell, I personally really like the smell of this pot cooking and thankfully so dose my girlfriend (she says the smell reminds her of cookies). The point here is that cooking in a clay pot has changed the way my house smells a lot. Things to note: #1 - The lid doesn't close very well on my pot, this has never been an issue without having to do anything to fix it. I don't use a towel or anything like that. It's almost magical how well this pot cooks rice being so loss. #2 - Cleaning has always been quick and easy. Conclusion: I have found that pretty much everything taste better when cooked in a pure clay pot, and all the extra time and effort is well worth the investment. Well it may not be a good show piece to introduce others to pure clay cookware my pot has become the center piece of my kitchen and I am happy to highly recommend a pure clay pot to anyone who has time to cook.
- Rodney

It Is A Relief...

My earthen pot is by far my favorite piece of cookware. It is a relief to know I'm preparing my babies food in something that's 100% non-toxic. I also enjoy throwing a bunch of healthy ingredients together and the delicious soup that's slow cooked through the day. I also take joy in knowing this was made in America. I highly recommend this product!
- Natasha Sky

I Use It Solely For Making Yogurt

I love my medium MEC pot! I use it solely for making yogurt..about 2 times a week. After reading the instructions on the website, it couldn't be easier to get in the habit of making each week. It's inexpensive and easy; I love not having bought store bought yogurt in over a year. I am so glad I discovered this company; I'm interested in buying more pots for cooking all sorts of other food in the future.
- Julie Irwin

I'm So Envious...

Bought one for my mom, as a birthday present two years ago. It took her a little convincing to start using my it; but after I cured it, she was down with it. She tells me that it's so great to cook a healthy meal with almost no oil, and that her meals cook rather quickly. I'm so envious; I can't wait to get one myself!
- John Aa

MEC Is Amazing

After searching for non-toxic cookware, free of heavy metals I came across MEC (Miriams Earthen Cookware) which uses non-toxic clay sourced from the USA. The organic yogurt I am able to make using my MEC is amazing, easy and delicious! Its easy, just use coconut milk or organic milk and a little bit of yogurt starter. Also these pots are great for lentils, rice and can be used on the stove or in a rice cooker.
- Susana PerezBradford

I Love My Clay Pots...

I love my clay pots! It feels good knowing there are no metals or chemicals leaching into my healthily cooked meals. I like the fact that no oil is required to cook... I just use a small layer of water. It is also nice that they can go in the oven or on the stove top. It did take me some time to perfect cooking with clay because it is very different than using metal pots. It literally changed my understanding of and approach to cooking. Totally worth it!
- Vanice Michelle Medley

I Was Invited Over To A

I was invited over to a neighbor's house recently for dinner & was enthralled with her cookware! She was cooking Vietnamese Clay Pot Chicken & I was impressed how well the food cooked in the clay pots! She used Miriams Earthen Cookware & suggested I look into getting some myself. My anniversary is coming up so I am hoping my husband will surprise me with a set so I can make some Vietnamese Clay Pot Chicken for myself!
- Erika Chilton

I Love My MEC Pots!

I love my MEC pots! Everything is so moist tender and delicious that I cook in it! Clean up is a breeze. I admit I was worried about clean up. But its a breeze to clean up. it also seems like the more you use the better it gets! I love that i don't have to worry about chemicals and toxins cooking into my food! Thanks Miriam for putting your heart and soul into these great pots!
- Diane Bedlin

Great Pots, Great Service

Great pots, great service. Grains really do taste better when cooked in these pots, with a lovely soft texture. There is a learning curve to them, as you only cook on low-medium heat. It took me a couple weeks before I could figure out how long and how hot things needed to cook. They also require more care than do stainless steel pots, but no more than cast iron. The company advises against the use of soap, and once the pot seasons food is fairly easy to remove with a little soaking. Over time the pot bottom blackens due to oxidation and the pot develops a darker patina. I used a medium-sized pot every day for 3+ months cooking rice, porridge, etc. before my pot developed a thin crack on the bottom (little pieces flaked off the edges of the lid as well due to constantly lifting and replacing it on the pot; I tried to prevent this but was never quite successful). The pot was still structurally sound, but it leaked slightly. The folks at Miriams Earthen Cookware told me that ovens with uneven heat can contribute to cracking. They sent me a free replacement under warranty (though I paid shipping). They advised me to avoid the oven in the future and offered instructions for how to attempt a repair of the old pot (which I haven't tried yet). Time will tell if this new pot cracks, but it's held up well so far. (And though it's the same size as my old one, it has a slightly different shape: it's squatter with a thicker rim and lid. They might have changed their process or each pot is simply unique.) I use it on an electric coil stove top with a diffuser, as instructed. I give the company full marks for their product and service. I will update this review if necessary as I continue to use my replacement.
- Curtis

Highest Quality Cookware

Miriam's Earthen Cookware clay pots are hands-down the highest quality cookware that I have used. They are a pleasure to cook with and they will last a lifetime.
- Cody Dance

One Of The Best Decisions I Made...

One of the best decisions I made in my life was transitioning from non-stick cookware to the ancient material of pure natural clay cookware. The journey to get to this point using natural cookware consisted of reading, studying, research, and more research. I stumbled across Miriam's Earthen Cookware online around September 2015. As someone who is extremely health conscious, plant based (vegan), an herbalist, holistic healing advocate, and truth seeker, the words on Miriam's website that captured my attention was: ""Cooking with pure clay is as new as tomorrow and as old as time itself!"" After learning last summer about the toxicity from metal, aluminum, cast iron, non-stick, glazed, and all other cookware I knew I had to make a change. My main concern was lead, cadmium, and other contaminants leaching onto my food affecting my health. I hit a common roadblock many health conscious enthusiast meet as a result of intensive reading, searching for ways to improve their health. However, I knew like always I'd be gifted with an answer somehow. Suddenly, I started to think about back home in Africa. I began asking myself what were we using thousands of years ago in the motherland? After a few google searches, reading many articles, the answer presented before me was ""CLAY POTS"". I knew natural clay pots was the next step for me. I called Miriam's Earthen Cookware's contact line posted on her website. One of the workers there picked up. I asked to speak with the owner Miriam, which was not an issue at all. I was happy about that. Miriam came on the phone with a very sweet warm greeting, immediately changing my initial perception of who she could be and how she would act. We ended up talking for 45 minutes or so, all my questions answered and making me comfortable enough to purchase the pots. I bought three items, one large pot, a medium pot, and large pan. It took less than two weeks for them to arrive and when it did the pots were beautifully presented and packaged well ensuring no damage was done to them during the long journey from the east coast. The cookware came with an instruction manual. I studied the detailed instructions on how to season the pots from the manual and on Miriam's website. I read carefully so that I could avoid making any mistakes. After seasoning the pot. I decided to start with Quinoa ""oatmeal"" and it was one of the best tasting quinoa I've ever made. The pots give the food so much flavor and life. I had no idea I was missing out all these years cooking with toxic nonstick pans and pots From the beauty, nostalgia, aroma, and taste of healthy food coming out of the pots, these were a great investment indeed. We don't use any other pots/pans now that we have these natural clay pots. It'd be foolish to do so honestly. So why are they the best cookware to use: 1. It's not toxic like other cookware. Free of heavy metals, and synthetic polymers 2. It retains all the food nutrients. 3. They cook quickly on low heat 4. While cooking water is not lost. It's sustained in the clay pot 5. The food tastes better. 6. Easy to clean. No soap needed. Just warm water, baking soda, and sponge/scrubber 7. ALL NATURAL I am running out of superlatives to say for this great cookware. It's amazing! May I add Miriam is a sweet, gentle lady, determined to provide healthier cooking options for everyone. Talking with her a number of times on the phone about healthy eating revealed to me her burning passion to give people alternatives to the destructive cookware most of us grew up with. Educate yourself on the toxic cookware in the kitchen you and your family currently use and think about switching over to what humans been using for thousands of years. For more info on how to get these natural clay pots in your kitchen go to Miriams' Earthen Cookware website.
- Coby Obi

Excited To Use It Each Time

I ordered a clay pot from Miriams Earthen Cookware several months ago. I was so excited to get it and am still excited to use it each time I cook with it. I love anything natural and handmade- cooking with a clay pot just feels right in many ways. It cooks my rice perfectly as well!
- Claire Creason

You guys rock in my kitchen...

The purchase of my first MEC set was indeed a life changing experience for me and my family: a change towards a healthy, green way of living. I remembered my grandparents cooking in traditional classic earthenware---oooh! the aroma and taste..All these memories and more came back with MEC. Thank you MEC! You guys rock in my kitchen 😀
- Carmen Dsouza

This Hit The Spot!

I had been searching for cookware that was free of all Teflon, lead, aluminium etc and this hit the spot! I took me a while to learn how to cook with it to obtain the best results...the customer service I received was excellent. They were willing to answer any queries I had about something not being spot on. And I have made the BEST roast chicken, BEST steamed vegetables (so sweet and crunchy) and some awesome lentils and beans. It is works like a pressure cooker so beans are cooked in record time and the more you use it the better it gets! Thank you MEC
- Bushra Taslim

Best cookware ever!

Best cookware ever! So excited to finally have an all natural clay pot that I can cook bone broth in!
- Andrea Stoll

Makes Non Toxic, Delicious Food

I purchased a large tagine and cooked wonderfully easy and delicious meals in it. This was the ONLY all natural and completely non toxic pan I could find. It gave me such a piece of mind cooking my family's food in it. Unfortunately, it was dropped and it broke. So sad! If it was more affordable I would love to buy another.
- Ginna-New Mexico, USA

Health-Saving Cookware... Gracias

In 2005 I was diagnosed with eight heavy metals in toxic ranges and mold. Scaring me I played ostrich (head in sand) so didn't address it until January 2011. When finally I did, my immune system was so severely undermined that in 2012 some of my organs were shutting down. Living with pain, insomnia, no temperature control, and serious, deep distress, I eventually asked my doctor if I was dying. Gratefully not and I've been committed to my physical healing ever since. Research led me to information that pots and pans can leach cadmium, nickel, lead, arsenic, and a not so bioavailable iron. I buy organic, grass-fed, free-range, pastured (not pasteurized) food, so the last thing I want is to add to my toxic overload when cooking my healthy food. Finding Miriam's Earthen Cookware(*) I began to switch over to their Pure Clay cookware... slowly at first. There’s a learning curve when going from stainless steel, cast iron, Corning Ware and glass to cooking in clay. I had to slow down, be more mindful, attentive to different details like the fact that clay pots can crack and break if banged, dropped or subjected to sudden big temperature changes (IE. cold fridge to hot stove). I learned to start cooking on low heat, giving it 5ish minutes then turning the heat up to medium (no higher… not necessary). I treat my MEC(*) more carefully and respectfully, which focuses me on being more present with what I'm doing. Plus bonus, cooking is becoming a calming ritual of peaceful food prep. Food also tastes better cooked in Pure, Natural, Mineral-Rich, Unglazed Clay. And I feel safer knowing MEC(*) is Certified & Guaranteed to have NO Lead, Cadmium, Heavy Metals, Glaze or Toxins of any kind. Thank you Miriam and family for being a company committed to providing a most integral product line for those of us who need the purest, safest and healthiest cookware. I appreciate your generous, caring customer service, your willingness to receive requests to fill specific needs (IE. garlic roaster and bread baker) plus your follow through on designing & handcrafting new products (IE. bowls and mugs). It’s truly a pleasure and a blessing doing business with you. To your continued and growing success for the health of us all! Gratitude, LoreLoreina Acevedo (*)Miriam’s Earthen Cookware… MEC
- Lore Acevedo, Utah USA

I've Been Cooking In Your Pots...

I've been cooking in your pots for a year now and I haven’t burned my fingers, hands! Thank God. You don’t know what a big deal this is to me… I had a painful burn to show almost every 15-20 days when I was cooking with metals (busy mom, sometimes have to cook with crying kids in the background). But not anymore, this is a big factor you know and you should advertise it too… especially with busy people like us. The food is fully cooked before the pot’s handles can even get real hot. And I love the design!! The food tastes great and to know that am not feeding my kids metals is great relief! Thank you, thanks very much! My Best to you,
- Adela Leroy - MCKINNEY TX

Thank You!

Hi Miriam, Thanks a lot for bringing back clay cookware. The whole world is suffering from diseases as cookware contaminates the food...
- Hari - London, UK

I Received My Pots!

Hi there, I received my pots! They look fantastic!! Thank you all so much for your help with getting them here. All the best,
- Norway

Best Discovery EVER

I own a small cafe on an island off the outer banks. Last year I decided to open a shop and make homemade greek yogurt. I did a lot of research on the best way to make my yogurt and what method would deliver the best results. Utilizing clay pots was a suggestion I wanted to pursue so I looked for a source to procure them. I found Miriam and ordered a few to test them. I am a believer! Not only are these pots beautifully made and sturdy but they produce the most delicious yogurt! I am starting the process of opening my shop a few evenings a week for a two dish menu. My menu each week will be a small selection of savory dishes made in my clay pots. A month after receiving my initial order, I placed another much larger order since my demand is continuing to increase I'm so excited and it's such a unique style of creating amazing dishes. Thank you!
- Kathleen Triolo

I Have Never Had Food Cooked So...

I am so happy and thankful to have been introduced to your clay pots by a friend. I was a little apprehensive because this was my first time cooking in clay pots. I must tell you, i have never had food cooked so rich and delicious and moist before. Your website is so helpful and so informative - it gave me the confidence to start cooking in my clay pots. I have had the pots for a little over 2 months now. I have cooked rice, lentils, vegetables, chicken, and made yogurt in my pot. I had my doubts about the lentils cooking as soft as they cook in my pressure cooker, but the lentils cook a whole lot better in the clay pot - they are deliciously soft and yet remain whole, never become a mushy paste. My whole family has noticed the difference in flavor of the food since i have started cooking in my clay pots, and they all love it. I am going to cook our turkey in the oven in the clay pot tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you. Our very Best Wishes to you...
- Tanushree Rajan - TX USA

Can’t Thank You Enough For Making These Beautiful And Extremely Useful Pots...

I recently came from India and was very sick since my stroke in 2011. My daughter got me the set of 3 MEC pure clay pots and we’ve been cooking in them ever since. There is so much difference in the way I feel. My therapist and my doctors cannot believe there is so much improvement in the way my body is functioning, my muscles are much stronger and more receptive to exercises and flexing, all my joint pain is gone… my energy levels are clearly higher. I am used to eating the same healthy food I eat now; the only difference is now I cook it in pure clay. I’ve made more progress in these short six months than in the past 2 years. I really think the lack of metals in the food and the fact that I am getting all the nutrients from the cooked food versus just half or less in metals is making all the difference in my recovery. It’s amazing how powerful nature really is! I can’t thank you enough for making these beautiful and extremely useful pots. Waiting to get my hands on the pans now… May God bless you,
- Roshini Vijay - BELTON, SC

Food Turned Out Fantastic…

I just received my package. All my pots came intact – very well packed. I was afraid how they’d make it considering the distance (all the way to Australia)… And they look BEAUTIFUL! I don’t know who’s making terra-sigillata anymore. With the introduction of chemical glaze no one takes the time to finish in this natural method, but it makes the pots so much easier to use. It’s funny how people don’t realize how hard it is to clean food off of glazed utensils. It’s so easy when finished in this way; in fact it’s very hard for food to stick in the 1st place. I made a chickpeas with spinach recipe, it came out fantastic… Thank-you!
- Bob Gossman - Melbourne, AUS

This Is The Best Cookware I’ve Had In A Long Time...

This is the best cookware I’ve had in a long time. I am using less oil & water with my pot, but the food tastes so rich and delicious! I love the design too… Thanks so much!
- Cantilia Justin - Stoughton, MA

I Will Definitely Be Buying More Pots For Myself...

Dear Miriam, I just finished cooking with your pot for the first time. It was fantastic. I am not someone who is good in the kitchen, but your directions are very clear, and the process felt very natural. I will definitely be buying more pots for myself, to cook a few things at the same time, and to keep one at another place I stay (so I don’t have to pack the pot back-and-forth). This is the only pot I will cook with from now on. Thank you
- Lara Sragow - New York City, NY

The Food Tastes Exceptional.

Although I know primary clay is inert and non-toxic, I did the test to check for toxicity anyway – it passed by 200%. I am so happy to finally cook with non-toxic cookware... The food tastes exceptional!
- Al Kargbo - Boston, MA

I Don’t Know How To Thank You Enough!

Miriam, Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Secondly, I thought you would like to know, I LOVE THEM! I cured them by cooking porridge, and letting it sit for over a day. The clay and the rice soaks up the broth, creating this wonderful aroma which brings back memories of the days when my grandmother used to cook with her clay pots over a charcoal stove outside her house. The wonderful memories of curry stewing and rice cooking. I don’t know how to Thank You enough! Keep making these wonderful pots! I will be back for more pretty soon. I am planning to dedicate 1 pot to 1 type of cooking to allow the clay to soak in the spices of the food and create its own personality.
- Yeeping Greeno - Enon, OH

Wonderful Pot, Thanks So Much!

Made a beautiful roasted leg of lamb (in the oven)—came out perfectly cooked, juicy, delicious and was also very easy! Wonderful pot, Thanks so much!
- Michael Fishbein - Boston, MA

I Love These Pots – They’re Truly Amazing

I am amazed at how much heat these pots hold! The food stays hot for hours. They can also preserve food for longer periods of time without refrigeration. I love these pots – they’re truly amazing
- T. Dyfan - Boston, MA

Pot Makes Great Soups And Stews...

This pot makes great soups and stews, with great flavour. Be sure to use vegetables!!!
- Lydia McCarthy - Boston, MA