Miriams Earthen Cookware is Now offering Healthy Cooking Classes!!

  • Have you been cooking in MEC for some time?
  • Are you new to cooking in MEC and want to learn the basics from a pro?
  • Do you enjoy learning new cooking skills by watching someone else demonstrate?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then please join us for our next cooking class and take your cooking to the next level! Whether you are just starting out or have cooked in MEC for years, you can benefit from this class. Many customers are enjoying learning more about cooking in MEC, as Miriam demonstrates during the class. She answers questions as time permits, and often there are various cooking tips shared.

All who want to learn cooking healthy wholesome meals are welcome! We will send you email reminders with the topic of the upcoming class a few days and then a few hours before the class. Here are just some of the topics we will be covering:

  • What is truly healthy food? How can the body heal and be restored through pure food?
  • Cooking grains, vegetables, different types of protein (with a focus on plant-based protein) in the healthiest way!
  • Making healthy food that kids will love.
  • Making fast and healthy vegetarian snacks & deserts.
  • Meats: how to cook them healthfully?
  • Probiotics and prebiotics – Making yogurt at home in a 10-minute hands-on process.
  • Beans and lentils – how to cook them so they retain their amazing health value?
  • Making healthy grocery list – choosing nutritional and medicinal spices and how to incorporate them into your cooking… and so much more!
  • And each class we can learn to cook one wholesome one pot meal.

Our classes are held on Zoom monthly, and are informative and fun! The details are below.

The class is hosted by:

Miriam Kattumuri

Owner of Miriams Earthen Cookware

Registration: $7.00 Classes are currently FREE

Date and time: Every third Sunday of the month @ 5:00 pm EST (currently on pause).

Dates for the next class: TBA

Be an MEC Expert!

Would you like to host classes? MEC is looking for seasoned cooks (cooks who have been using MEC for different types of cooking for at least 6 months) to start training others who are new to this healthy method of cooking.

You can do it in your neighborhood or online to a global audience. The training material will be emailed to you and an open book test will be held at the end of training period. Your questions will be answered by our current MEC Experts.

If you are interested, kindly email us your details and we will get back to you!

Current MEC Experts:

Come enjoy a collaboration of MEC experts, learn from their wealth of knowledge, experience and mistakes. Have fun with healthy cooks and like minded people who support sustainability, self-sufficiency, cooking healthy, and love and appreciate a nutritious & delicious meal. Checkout your nearest classroom!

Washington DC/Maryland

Sally Zimmermann

Designation: MEC cooking expert since 2019, Computer engineer, Micro-greens Gardener.

I love learning and sharing traditional cooking techniques and recipes – especially easy healthy one pot dishes, fermentation, yogurt, bone broth, and teas. With my 1/5 acre yard, I’ve created a permaculture food forest. I try to go from seed to table in the best way possible. MEC’s Clay pots are part of my seed to table process – they make my foods tastier and healthier.

In 2018 I purchased my first MEC clay pot, since then I’ve learned a lot about clay cooking from trial and error, talking to Miriam and writing The Complete Guide to Nutritious Clay Pot Cooking. For more info see my website, Yogurt & More: Traditional Wisdom for Modern Living.

Boston, MA

Sheka Kargbo
Designation: MEC Cooking expert since 2010, Realtor, Avid Gardner.

Fortworth, TX

Carmelo Santini