The Healthiest Rice Cooker — Made In USA & Raw Material Sourced from Inside USA


Would you rather cook rice for the sake of eating it or for all the goodness it offers to your body?  Rice a staple consumed by half the world’s population is also considered a super-grain for its  many nutritional benefits. It is full of simple and complex carbohydrates (fuel for the body), vitamins and minerals – needed for the proper functioning and metabolic activity.  It prevents obesity, controls blood pressure, is good for skin and the digestive system – some of the reasons it’s so popular among the masses. But this facts will only be in theory if the rice is not cooked in the right cooker! So which is the healthiest rice cooker and why? 

The first step is choosing the best and most nutritious rice:

The first step getting the best out of this super-grain is choosing the right kind. It’s better to choose not overly processed rice.  Aged rice is much better and doubles in quantity than new rice. Par-boiled is better than raw. Through the process of par-boiling, the nutrients in the rice are preserved and made bio-available easily while cooking. And as much as possible, avoid the enriched (with lab-made ingredients), highly processed rice. It is enriched with chemical “nutrients” to compensate for what is lost during the processing. 

The second, choosing the healthiest rice cooker:

The second and equally important step to cooking healthy rice is choosing the healthiest rice cooker. Conventional rice cookers are made from metals and ceramics, and are not ideal for cooking this nutritious food because these material generate harsh, nutrient-destructive heat.  This kind of heat destroys the complex carbs, an essential component in all grains. And distorts the trace minerals by leaching their own metal and chemical compounds.

Our body needs a balance of both kinds of carbs, an excess of only simple carbs eventually results in diseases like Diabetes (no wonder this is a wide spread disease since we switched from clay cooking to metals and other cookware).

Which is the healthiest rice cooker and why?

An ideal rice cooker would be the one that cooks rice gently without destroying its nutrients and won’t compromise on the amazing taste of your carefully chosen rice. You’d be pleased to know that an all-American company makes such rice cookers from a natural material, in the USA. Miriams Earthen Cookware makes healthy rice cookers from pure clay – a 100% non-toxic material that cooks rice with unique far infrared heat – a gentle food-friendly heat that keeps nutrients intact and cooks soft, fluffy and delicious rice. 

Pure clay is nothing like the conventional stuff – this is natural clay sourced inside USA. It is inert and doesn’t leach toxins. It is a time-honored material used by one generation after another since ancient times – who used to live healthier and longer, by the way. Our fairly recent switch to so-called “modern” cookware has not spared the body of diseases like diabetes, cancer etc. 

WRITER’S NOTE: If I want to cook healthy I will choose MEC’s pure-clay cookware, you know why? Because in all my searching, I have not come across another one that can cook food without destroying nutrients, and without adding its own metals and chemicals into the food, yikes! (Do the Alkaline Baking Soda Test to check your current cookware). For all these reasons and so many more (think about the eco-value) this is a must-have in every healthy person’s kitchen! 


I Have Never Had Food Cooked So…

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I am so happy and thankful to have been introduced to your clay pots by a friend. Was a little apprehensive because this was my first time cooking in clay pots. I must tell you, i have never had food cooked so rich and delicious and moist before. Your website is so helpful and so informative – it gave me the confidence to start cooking in my clay pots. I’ve had the pots for a little over 2 months now. I have cooked rice, lentils, vegetables, chicken, and made yogurt in my pot. I had my doubts about the lentils cooking as soft as they cook in my pressure cooker, but the lentils cook a whole lot better in the clay pot – they are deliciously soft and yet remain whole, never become a mushy paste.… 
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– Tanushree Rajan – TX USA

I Don’t Know How To Thank You Enough!

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Miriam, Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Secondly, I thought you would like to know, I LOVE THEM! I cured them by cooking porridge, and letting it sit for over a day. The clay and the rice soaks up the broth, creating this wonderful aroma which brings back memories of the days when my grandmother used to cook with her clay pots over a charcoal stove outside her house. The wonderful memories of curry stewing and rice cooking. I don’t know how to Thank You enough! Keep making these wonderful pots! I will be back for more pretty soon. I am planning to dedicate 1 pot to 1 type of cooking to allow the clay to soak in the spices of the food and create its own personality.”
– Yeeping Greeno – Enon, OH

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