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The Need for Non-Stick Pans

Ever tried making eggs in a pan that is not non-stick? Some of the food getting stuck to the bottom, the hassle of cleaning the pan and the worst: the burnt taste mixing with your favorite food – we have all been there at some point.

To avoid such experiences, a non-stick pan feels like a blessing for cooking recipes that require nonstick frying, sautéing, baking, and more. These days, ceramic pans (or at least, pans with a ceramic coating) are the new in-thing. Why not the previously popular Teflon? Because the Teflon-coated pans were found to be releasing carcinogenic fumes, which is the last thing you want near you! But is ceramic a safer alternative to other nonstick coatings? What if we tell you that the best nonstick pans don’t need any kind of coating?

We are talking about Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a cookware brand that hand-makes pure clay pots and pans that become naturally nonstick as soon as they are fully seasoned. Yup, no more glazes – not even ceramics!

What makes MEC the safest and best option? Keep reading to dig deeper into the dangers of nonstick cookware, as well as where MEC stands when it comes to choosing the safest nonstick pan.

What is the Main Problem with Most Nonstick Cookware?

Remember anodized aluminum pans that were a better alternative to pure aluminum pans that leached? Later it was found that even the hard anodized aluminum is not 100% safe – it still leaches when heated and/or cooks acidic foods. This made space for a more stable synthetic compound – Teflon.

We have all stumbled upon Teflon at some point, and why not? It remained a traditional nonstick coating for pans for a long time, at least, until studies revealed that the compounds like PTFE and PFOA in Teflon pose dangers to human health and the environment. The manufacturers of Teflon after phasing out this coating came up with the next iteration of nonstick pans – GenX.

We can see that GenX pans are currently in use, but it is highly disputed – early studies from just a few months ago are finally starting to explore how bad it is. However, there has been no action to correct the toxicity of GenX; which brings us to ceramic coating or ceramic pans – the latest variety of “safest” non-stick pans – our savior?

Best Pots and Pans
MEC’s Naturally Non-stick Pans & Pot

Most nonstick cookware are made from metal utensils (like cast iron or stainless steel) coated with a material like ceramic, but in reality, it is just another glaze which is a combination of over 200 oxides and chemicals. This ceramic glazed nonstick surface acts as a barrier between the core material and food. With time and heat, the ceramic glaze breaks down, leaching into the food. Additionally, the food gets burnt and starts sticking to the base of these frying pans.

The Detrimental Health Effects of Nonstick Coating

The effects of the prolonged use of a hard anodized aluminum (core) nonstick frying pan has been discovered through research to be causing chronic disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer [source]. The PFOA or PTFE coating (Teflon) is even worse, because these synthetic chemicals can stay in the environment and in the human body for long periods of time. Early studies have suggested an increased risk of testicular cancer, kidney cancer, thyroid cancer, and other cancers with increased PFOA exposure [source].

Ceramic coatings are no different, either! Ceramics are composed of less than 10% clay, mixed with numerous additives and chemicals. There are many health hazards related to ceramic nonstick pan [source] and the extensive use of chemicals make it leach and contaminate food.

…And Cooking Without Nonstick Pans can be Frustrating

Now imagine cooking without a nonstick fry pan. The food sticking to the cooking surface makes it difficult to stir, so you add a lot of cooking oil for lubrication when cooking eggs or baking bread. But wait, this oil breaks down into unhealthy trans-fat when heated. And we know what a mess these oily pans make while cleaning. You might consider a stronger soap or detergent, but those are toxic! Is there even a solution?

The root of the problem is the coating, that’s why finding a way to ensure non-stick without a coating is the key, which MEC can provide. Here’s how:

The Best Nonstick Pan, with no Toxicity Whatsoever

MEC pots and pans are ergonomically designed and uniquely hand-finished with the intention to make cooking easy without the chemical interference. Therefore, MEC’s production process allows the cookware to become completely nonstick – naturally – in a few uses without any coatings or glazes. Besides nonstick properties, MEC’s durable pan cooks with food-friendly earthen far-infrared heat, so everything cooks between low to medium heat in less time.

The best part – the nutrients stay intact, unlike nutrient destroying high heat cooking with metals. This also allows even heat distribution and a consistent surface temperature, so the food cooks evenly from the inside out. What’s more? You can use them on any heat source like gas and induction cooktops, plus these are oven safe, too!

tagine vegetarian cooking
Healthy Nonstick Pans by MEC

In contrast to traditional nonstick pans that pose dangers for human health, as well as to the environment in the form of toxic waste, MEC is healthy and safe in both production and in use. They are fully compostable at the end of their useful lifecycle. Being an environmentally-friendly company, MEC ships all their products carbon-neutral around the globe at no additional cost to the customer. Interested in switching to the best healthy nonstick pan with no toxicity what-so-ever? Head over to MEC’s online store and order a non-toxic nonstick cookware set today!

People May Ask:

Which type of non-stick coating is safe?

Studies have proved that almost all traditional nonstick coatings are toxic, like Teflon, GenX and ceramics. The best overall nonstick pan would be the one that doesn’t use any coating. MEC’s all-natural pots and pans become naturally nonstick after a few uses. And they are made from the healthiest raw material – lab tested primary clay. Read more about MEC’s unique features and benefits here.

Ceramic Frying Pan
Nonstick Ceramic Cookware


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