Baking Bread in a Pure Clay Pot


After many disappointments in trying to bake that perfect bread at home in different bread pans, we said we were going to try it in our own pans.  They were shallow, with walls that open up towards the top making it easy for the bread to come out, and they were the safest cooking medium out there, so why not…?

The results were fantastic!  The aroma of the baked bread filled our entire kitchen, and the taste irresistible.  Moist on the inside (we never were able to get bread to bake so moist) and brown and crusty on the outside!

Later we did a taste test, like we do with other “types of cooking” when trying them out for the 1st time.  We baked 2 loaves of bread, one in MEC and the other in a “popular” brand of bread pan and the taste was nowhere close, nobody wanted the other bread. But MEC bread was gone in 40 minutes, the other one sat for 2 days before some of us “grownups” had to finish it so we didn’t waste the food.

Here’s the recipe we followed to bake the best tasting bread in the MEC pan.  You can modify the recipe to your liking (although we’d suggest and note that there is no need for any artificial ingredients, the bread, with just a few natural ingredients turns out fantastic). When following your own recipe, just keep mind to follow the guidelines of cooking in clay and you should be all set.