The Best Slow Cooker: On the Stovetop, In the Oven & In the Crock Pot


It’s important more than ever that your slow cooker be free of toxins like lead, cadmium and leachable metals and glazes. This is because food is cooked for long periods of time and heat is a catalyst to all reactions. Unfortunately, most slow cooker inserts either made from reactive metals or ceramics are toxic. The best slow cooker is one made from a pure and 100% non-toxic raw material.

This is where MEC comes in:- It’s made from a pure raw material, primary clay and does not have any of the toxins found in conventional slow cookers. The best part is it can be used on the Stove-top, in the Oven and in a Crock/Slow cooker machine.

Important: When using the pot for slow cooking on the stove top or oven, use it after cooking in it a few times (4-6 times) for less than an hour recipes.  Always use a diffuser when slow cooking with your pot.

The internet has many best slow cooker recipe options and all of them can be easily customized for cooking in MEC, in a much healthier way.  Here are the 3 ways you can use them for slow cooking:

The best slow cooker is one that can cook your food without contaminating it by adding its toxins into the food.

On the Stove-Top:

MEC pots can be used on the stove top for slow cooking recipes but taking less than half the time.  For example, one recipe that takes a long time like beef bone broth (12-24 hours), will only take 3 hours on the stove-top.  This is possible because of the difference in the heat cooking the food.  The unique far-infrared heat penetrates deeper into the bones in less time than heat from conventional slow cookers.  Importantly, this cooks without nutritional loss or contamination from the pot.

For those who like the convenience of a slow cooker or crock pot, simply add all ingredients to pot in the morning before leaving to work/going out. Cover pot and let it sit on the stove. When you come back home, set heat on low and let it cook till done. If food had been soaking and marinating together it usually takes less then 30 minutes for the meal to cook. By the time you put your things away and greet your family, the food is almost done — fresh and so much more healthy!

How-to use the pot for Slow Cooking on Stove top:

Only use a well seasoned pot for slow cooking, a well seasoned pot is one that has been used 4-5 times for cooking water-based recipes.  Always use a heat diffuser if slow cooking for more than 2 hours.

To start, Add all the ingredients, set the pot on your stove and start on medium, once food is cooking and boiling for about 30-40 minutes, reduce heat to low — and let it cook at that temperature till fully done. 

By cooking at medium heat you get the food cooking sooner, saving time but without damaging nutrients because the heat from the walls of pure-clay is safe, unlike from metal and ceramic pots.

Here’s how to cook bone broth in less than 3 hours on the stove-top: 

Following any recipe, add all the ingredients, set the pot on your stove and start on medium, once food is cooking and boiling for about 40 minutes, reduce heat to low — and let it cook at that temperature till fully done. 

You can know when the broth is done when the bones are thoroughly cooked and will be of a softer chew-able consistency (if chicken bones).  The soup will be savory and any meat will be falling off the bones.  Beef bone may not be chew-able like chicken but they would look a shade or two darker than how they started, and the broth savory.    When it starts cooling down the broth will be thick and gelatinous. 

Any recipe for bone broth can be customized in this way.

The pot also does not require “baby-sitting”, so long as there is adequate liquids/water in the pot the steam locking features locks steam inside and cooks without much monitoring.

In the Oven:

Use MEC for slow cooking in the oven just the same way you would in a programmable slow-cooker. You can conveniently ‘set and forget’, and the food will cook without much monitoring but much faster. Also, the fact that you can fit more than one pot at a time inside is a clear advantage over using the slow cooker machine or crock machine.

How-to Slow Cook in the Oven:

Put all your ingredients together in the pot and set temperature to ‘bake’ at 200 – 230 D Fahrenheit and set timer. This is a little known feature that lets you use the oven for timed cooking much like a programmable slow cooker.  Choose 3-4 hours for meats or 1-2 hours for vegetarian recipes, beans or when cooking grains. Once the set hours are complete the oven will automatically turn to warm (in most cases, 170 D F) and in a few hours will shut off. With most ovens, you can also set a delayed start. We encourage you to read the oven’s manual to find any other information while setting this up for the 1st time.

If using in the crock machine, here are the bottom dimensions for the pots with the corresponding machine size:

DM = Diameter
• Small 1.75 qt — Bottom DM 7.5”.  Works with machines w/ inside base DM 8.5 or greater
• Medium 2.75 qt –Bottom DM 8.25” (makes 6-7 cups of rice). Works with machines w/ inside base DM 9.25″ or greater.
• Large 4 qt — bottom diameter 9.5” (10-12 cups of rice). Works with machines w/ inside base DM 10.5″ or greater
• X-large 6 qt — bottom diameter 10”.  Works with machines w/ inside base DM 11″ or greater

Choose your size of The best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker Have a Question? Ask us. Read more about the features that make MEC a great slow cooker for cooking healthy meals.

Read why it’s important to use a slow cooker that is not just Lead-Free but has No Lead?

MEC Slow Cooker Use and Care

The pots and pans are not just for slow cooking, use them for regular dutch oven cooking, sauteing, baking and so much more.  You can make a variety of breakfasts, lunch and dinner meals in them.  More information on use and care can be found here

MEC Cooks From Around the World Share their Experience:

Great For Roasts

Cooking a roast in Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is a pleasure. A roast, potatoes, and vegetables are cooked in 1-1/2 hours on the stove top. Much faster than the all-day cook in a crock pot. All of the food is tender also. I recommend Miriam’s Earthen Cookware!
- Irene Walther, Fl USA

Great For Bone Broth

I enjoy cooking with Miriam’s Earthen Cookware. First, it gently steams the food and does not overcook it. I especially like making bone broth. Even the poultry bones produce a gelatinous broth! In other cookware, the poultry bone broth is liquid and runny. Great is the time it takes, only 3 to 4 hours instead of 12 to 24! I recommend Miriam’s Earthen Cookware! Irene W., Orlando, FL
- Irene Walther, Fl USA

Members Of The Family!

Miriam's earthen pots are unlike cooking pots altogether, they are like members of the family. I feel like i am creating ritual rather than cooking. they love to dry in the sunshine, and then the soup tastes brighter for it. i like to cook with them mostly on the stove, but i have also an induction plate that i can timer set and works a treat with my big pot as a slow cooker. I will never buy another type of pot. true as.
- Ailsa |WA, Australia

How I Use My MEC

FOR SLOW COOKER i recommend put a MEC in your slow cooker instead of the original stoneware that the slow cooker comes with (because one never knows whats in those mass produced moulds). I found that 3-in-1 slow cooker takes in medium size MEC. Also, Rival 5 qt crockpot accommodates medium size MEC. Place a diffuser under your clay pot and replace the clay lid with a glass or metal one for tight closure and prepare most nourishing stews. Here is my favorite recipe (created by yours truly) First line the bottom of MEC with chopped onions. Then put 2 cups of broth (beef, chicken or turkey or combination of any two); add 1 pounds of turkey meat (Whether thigh or breast, its all good). Add brown rice (same volume as the Turkey breast). Add strips of 3 dried apricots and about 6 cranberries. Optional (a and b): a. Put 1 tablespoon grated fresh horseradish or pepper to taste. b. Add 1 Teaspoon of crushed bayleaf. Add water to the liquids of the pots, to allow the liquids, in total, to reach same height in pot as the turkey breast and rice. Drizzle 2 tablespoons of olive oil on top. Cover with either MEC lid or glass lid. Let it cook (2 hours on low heat over gas stove) or 3 hours on high in a slow cooker. Before you serve, add crushed cumin. The natural clay imparts a taste and aroma that only a good quality clay cookware can! I cant think of my kitchen without my favorite pots - Miriam's Earthen Cookwares! Thank you Miriam!!!
- Aubrey, NY

Finally Something Absolutely Healthy...

Finally something absolutely healthy on the market. I use to love slow cookers but there was too much of lead leaking into my food. As longer there was a finished glazed ,lead (it’s part of the glazed chemicals that EVERY ceramic company use) was leaking when the pot was hot. Most stainless steel pots that are made in China leak nickel and aluminum as well (go figure?!). Miriam cookware is AMAZING!! The food that I cook in the 3 pots I bought from her is delicious and absolutely healthy. On top of it Miriam have great warranty and great customer service.
- Tatiana Iordanova

My Family And I Are So Grateful

My family and I are so grateful we discovered Miriams Earthenware pots. We were looking for a way to cook bone broth and other slow cookery meals without the potentially harmful effects of lead and other chemicals in crock pots. Their cookware goes beyond my wildest expectations. Besides feeling confident about the safety and health benefits of cooking with clay cookware, the dishes are incredibly delicious and richer and the cooking time is greatly reduced. I love the recipes they have on their website and can't wait for a cookbook. The customer service is also amazing!
- Victoria Behar