How to Choose a Healthy Saucepan and Why MEC Pots Make a Perfect One

Image of Mixed Vegetable soup in clay pot

Whether you want to boil pasta, cook rice, or prepare your favorite sauce, saucepans are pivotal in making things convenient in the kitchen. This versatile piece of cookware can cook a variety of dishes – thanks to its unique design. Although a saucepan is great for cooking a variety of recipes, choosing a healthy and non-stick pan that perfectly meets your needs is important. Read to learn about the features to look for when buying a new saucepan.

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Healthy Pots And Pans Made in USA That Preserve Nutrients

Preserve nutrients with MEC's healthy pots and pans

FOOD: one of life’s greatest pleasures is also what sustains bodily functions (physical and neurological). But it is only good as the quantity and quality of nutrients in it! Believe it or not you cookware plays a very important part in determining what nutrients are left of the food you cook. In this article learn how the ‘healthiest cookware’ cooks by preserving nutrients and keeps it pure/uncontaminated during cooking.

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Better Cooking Pots That Keep Steam Inside

better cooking pots

Water-soluble nutrients are responsible for many different functions in the body from good vision, healthy skin,  functioning of the nervous system to even building genetic material.  If the steam leaving a cooking pot is essentially most of the water soluble nutrients, shouldn’t a good cooking pot retain the steam instead of let it all go?  Find out in this article how steam can be naturally condensed when using a natural pure-clay pot?

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