How to Make Yogurt at Home: An Easy and Foolproof Way to Make Your Best Homemade Yogurt:

Your best yogurt can be made at home, you know why? Because you can make it in the most healthy and non-toxic way! The commercial prepared store bought version of yogurt pales in comparison to the taste, thickness and flavor offered by homemade yogurt in this method that we are about to teach you!

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Healthy and Wholesome Millie Rice

Millie rice is a savory and wholesome meal that has its origins in South Africa. It is a combination of either rice or broken rice, coarsely ground corn, and a protein component – like black beans or other lentils. For this recipe, the preferred rice of choice is parboiled basmati rice: parboiled rice is a good source of calcium, fiber iron, and protein; and basmati grain is non-hybrid and non-GMO. These base ingredients are cooked with a selection of spices and herbs to make a hearty and healthy meal! Of course, to make it even more nutritious, we added some delicious vegetables to the recipe that add a crunch with a burst of vitamins and minerals!

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Ways to Enjoy Yogurt Every Day!

How to Make Yogurt at Home

Yogurt is a rich source of high-quality protein, some fat, and small amounts of lactose. It contains probiotics that are good for the gut system and overall digestive health. It is also good for healthy and strong bones, and combats high blood pressure. With MEC’s pots making yogurt is a simple 10 minutes hands-on process:

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A Healthy, Whole Grain Boule Bread Recipe

 Bread baked in a pure-clay pot. Bread turns out moist on the inside and with a nice crust.

Boule is a bread that originates from France, and it gets its name from its ball shape. When making this delicious bread, we recommend using whole wheat flour. Whole wheat flour contains all three parts of the wheat kernel: the endosperm, the bran, and the germ. The three of these together provide the most nutrition for the body (fiber, proteins, carbs, and trace vitamins and minerals). It also is the easiest for the body to break down into useable nutrients.

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