Aluminum Foil Toxicity: Why Cooking with Aluminum Foil is Poor for Your Health and a List of Better Alternatives

Easy Reheating with MEC

Aluminum foil is super convenient in the kitchen to use for food preparation and storage. You can use it keep foods such as meats warm and/or moist. You may use a sheet of aluminum foil to wrap up packets of marinated vegetables or fish for the grill, to line a baking sheet, or to cover casseroles in the oven. But is using aluminum foil in such close contact with food and heat safe? Keep reading to discover more.

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All-Natural Cookware Made in the USA with 8 Amazing Healthy Features You Will Not Find Elsewhere!

Cookware Made in USA

Are you looking for the best cookware brand fully made in the USA? Finding locally manufactured products can be incredibly important. This article explains the awesome benefits of Miriam’s Earthen Cookware, a brand that is sourced and manufactured fully in the United States.

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How Safe are Non-Stick Pans, and are there Healthier and Safer Options?

Best non-stick pot! Naturally non-stick, no chemical coating because pure clay is 'breathable' and repels foods stickiness.

One of the more predominant pieces of cookware on the market is a pan with a non-stick coating. With the natural stickiness of some foods like eggs, sugars, and rices, many opt for this type of coated cookware to make cleanup easy after preparing a meal. We have all seen how some nonstick pans are so good at their job that you can have an egg slide around in the pan as if gliding on air! But are non-stick pans safe? Unfortunately, although nonstick cookware may be extremely convenient, it might not be a healthy choice for our body. This article serves as a guide on commonly used nonstick pots and pans and their health impact as well as presenting the many benefits of a safe and healthy option.

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