The Biggest Secret to Cooking Delicious Food – Your Cooking Pot (With Real Life Instances)

Healthy Cookware recipes: Sautéed Greens w/ Eggs & Cauliflower, cooking delicious food

We get it, cooking delicious food and keeping it healthy can be a real problem, because if you want tasty food many times you have to compromise on the health of the ingredients etc.  But will you believe it if I say, food can be both extremely healthy and delicious by changing this one thing …

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Make Yogurt At Home Thicker & Creamier (No Additives)

make yogurt at home

How to make yogurt at home? But not just any yogurt, how to make delicious, thick and creamy yogurt right in your kitchen? This question can tempt your taste buds any time but the process of making it might seem daunting, a lot of times. Some of the common problems are yogurt turning

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Terracotta Cooking Pots | Handmade USA

Making Miriams Earthen Cookware

Terracotta is a term interchangeably used for pots and pans made from low fire natural clay. Terracotta cooking pots have been used for ages by different civilizations not just because the raw material was easily available, but also because clay pot cooking was considered the healthiest method for cooking food (consider: Ayurveda & Sidha, ancient …

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Our Cookware And Our Health, Is There A Connection?

This an important question and we should all be aware of it looking at so many health problems people are struggling with today. No medicine can help if the root cause is not identified and taken care of. It is beyond doubt that what we eat greatly affects our health — While healthy, nutrition-rich food …

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Complex Carbohydrates, How to preserve them during cooking? Their connection to Diabetes?

Cooking food nutritiously is a challenge to everyone.  Those of us who know the importance of providing the body  healthy food, strive to cook in the most healthy and nutritious way, but it seems to be harder than we think… Why does cooking food destroy so much of the nutrients?  In this article you can …

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Nutritious Meal: The Value of Steam in Food and How to Preserve it?

You are cooking your favorite pot of soup, carefully chosen ingredients, an assortment of spices and herbs, all put  together meticulously.  Now you’re waiting and watching how even with the lid closed so much steam is escaping the pot!  What is this steam, it’s from your food so it has to be part of the …

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What are Flavonoids? How To Cook Without Damaging these Nutrients?

Image of Mixed Vegetable soup in clay pot

When you buy cooking ingredients, you look for the freshest vegetables, rich in color, because you know they are the most flavourful.  By the end of the cooking process however almost all the color is gone!  The fresh and colorful vegetables look dull and grayed-out.  Why is that? How can you prevent this? Believe it …

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Rice: A Powerhouse of Nutrients, A Time-Honored Ancient Grain. Learn How To Cook It The Right Way

Nutrients In Food, cooking rice

Rice is one of the oldest cereal grains and is believed to have been grown for at least 5000 years. It is a staple food for more than half of the world’s population. The most commonly consumed type of rice is the White rice but brown (whole grain) rice is becoming increasingly popular due to …

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How To Cook Delicious Food That Is Nutritious And Healthy Too?

Preserve nutrients with MEC's healthy pots and pans

We have evolved as a people with our cooking skills. And in this journey, some civilizations or groups of people have given it more importance than the others. We in retrospect see that those who have given it the deserving importance have thrived and lived long & healthy lives, not so much some others who …

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These 100% Eco-Friendly Pots And Pans Are Healthy Too!

Clay pots for cooking

So many things are labeled “green” are actually quite far from being truly eco-friendly. The pots and pans labeled ‘green cookware’ are no different.  This disguise is so great that many of the pots and pans are painted green and therefore are even labeled “green” or eco-friendly (type eco-friendly pots in a search engine, the …

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