Before You Buy A Pressure Cooker You Must Know This…

Before You Buy Best Pressure Cooker:

When you buy best pressure cooker, it’s important to know a thing or two about how it works. A pressure cooker is quite useful when it comes to cooking certain time-consuming foods like soaked dry beans, lentils, meats and some vegetables. It uses excessive steam pressure to force the …

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How To Choose The Best Pots And Pans Set

Choosing The Best Pots And Pans Set

While choosing the best pots and pans set, it is important to look for the perfect shape, size, weight, color, and design. But one thing that is even more important is what material it’s made of. Obviously, their primary purpose is cooking and the material directly affects the …

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Choosing the Best Pressure Cooker? Here’s One That Condenses Steam Naturally

Natural Pressure Cooker - Miriams Earthen Cookware A pressure cooker is a cookware that uses steam pressure to force food to cook quickly. Dishes like soaked dry beans, lentils, meats, and vegetables that may take some time to cook in regular cookware, take less time in a pressure cooker. It is a complex piece of cookware consisting of valves, gaskets and rubber sealing rings, it is something that comes in handy in the kitchen especially when you're hard pressed... Read More

Is Your Cookware Healthy? You Need To Know This About Your Pots And Pans…

Are You Using The Best Pots and Pans?

Don’t you want to use the best pots and pans for your family? Most conventional cookware is typically made of metals and/or ceramics. Have you ever thought if they are healthy for your family? Let’s consider this simple test.

Try touching a metal pan five minutes into …

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Miriam’s Personal Journey into “birthing” Miriams Earthen Cookware

to source the clay, testing the clay, modifying machinery and forming jigs for precision.  Innovating and testing methods of clay preparation, processing, making, finishing, firing, to yield a product untouched by chemicals, additives or contaminants typically used in almost all making methods of cookware.  In this process I had the privilege of meeting some very great people to whom I am forever grateful for their help, support and guidance. Read More

Why a Pure Clay Dutch Oven is the Best Choice for You?

For something to be considered the best, it has to fully serve its purpose.  With Dutch ovens, the ideal one would be one that cooks your food in the healthiest way possible. A Dutch oven is most useful cookware in a kitchen. It is flexible and can be used to prepare a variety of dishes. Some even work both in the oven and on the stove top. When you choose the perfect Dutch oven, it is natural to make a choice based on shape, size or... Read More

Make America Healthy Initiative | MEC

It's interesting that a phrase similar to this (Make America Great) has become a cliche in recent years, but the truth is America is already great and can continue being great and become greater only if we are healthy. There is so much do to and it all begins with eating the right food -- healthy, non-toxic, nutrition rich food.  This is possible only if that food and cookware are of the right kind.  We have set out on a mission to help people cook in the right kind of pots, ones that can cook without adding toxins into the food and cook it without destroying nutrients.  With this initiate, we want to help more people cook great food in these pots... Read More

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Miriams Earthen Cookware is the only cookware in the market that is fully Tested & Certified (click link for test results) to be 100% Non-toxic, with NO lead or cadmium …

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