Metals & Chemicals That Leach From Conventional Cookware And Their Effects on The Body

The Need for Healthy and Non-Toxic Cookware

All metals and cookware made from chemicals and inorganic oxides (ceramic/glazed, enameled ware) are reactive and food is a living bio-chemical entity with energy stored in its molecules. While cooking with heat, which is a catalyst, this energy that is in the form of vitamins, mineral, protein and …

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100% Non-Toxic Cookware And The Difference it Makes to your Food.

Cancer Free Clay Pots

When we moved from making items from the purity of nature around us to manufacturing goods with raw material obtained from deep within the earth through mining or fracking, mixed in precarious proportions with chemicals and toxins made in laboratories, we welcomed many toxins into our lives.  Some that could kill instantly some that were

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Chemicals, Metals & Oxides used in Ceramics, Stoneware, Porcelain, glazes & enamel:

What is in Ceramic, Stoneware and their glazes & enamel?  How is it different from MEC’s clay? 

Ceramic clay, porcelain, stoneware and the glazes and enamel used for the coating are a composition of different chemicals, oxides and metals.  The percentage of natural clay (which is usually secondary clay) is anywhere from 4 to 9%.  …

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Pressure Cooking with MEC:

Best Slow Cooker Because of the unique design and the purity of the raw material, MEC pots have the ability to naturally lock almost all the steam inside the pot, letting food cook with its own steam. There are many valuable benefits to using MEC pressure pots instead of a conventional pressure cooker and those benefits are discussed here: Read More