MEC Sale Alert: Last $69.00 Sale Of The Year! Offer Ends When Stock Is Over.

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Hope everyone is doing well! Here is information on a fantastic sale going on at Miriams Earthen Cookware to welcome this glorious season.

Miriams Earthen Cookware is the only cookware in the market that is fully Tested & Certified (click link for test results) to be 100% Non-toxic, with NO lead or cadmium …

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Metals & Chemicals That Leach From Conventional Cookware And Their Effects on The Body

The Need for Healthy and Non-Toxic Cookware

All metals and cookware made from chemicals and inorganic oxides (ceramic/glazed, enameled ware) are reactive and food is a living bio-chemical entity with energy stored in its molecules. While cooking with heat, which is a catalyst, this energy that is in the form of vitamins, mineral, protein and …

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100% Non-Toxic Cookware And The Difference it Makes to your Food.

Cancer Free Clay Pots

When we moved from making items from the purity of nature around us to manufacturing goods with raw material obtained from deep within the earth through mining or fracking, mixed in precarious proportions with chemicals and toxins made in laboratories, we welcomed many toxins into our lives.  Some that could kill instantly some that were

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Why Your MEC Pot Makes a Great Pressure Cooker

Nutritious Cooking is best done in a pure clay pot

A pressure cooker is a piece of kitchenware that’s made up of a pot, usually metal, and a lid that locks perfectly, allowing you to cook under pressure. Although conventional pressure cookers are made from stainless steel or aluminum, by now we have sufficiently reinforced the argument of how dangerous and harmful for our health …

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MEC pots & pans – Green Kitchenware at its best

100% Green cookware 

We’ve all heard the stories about organic produce and how important it is to eat healthy, locally grown foods that have been grown without the use of pesticides. However, it is equally important, if not even more so, to cook these foods properly and in the right cookware, as not to damage their nutrients and …

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Which is the best slow cooker on the market?

better cooking pots

I was recently researching slow cookers, as I am a fool for caramelized meats and other such dishes and I noticed that all the reviews and roundups online focused on aluminum or other type of metal cookware. What about all that buzzing about metal pots leaching toxins into our foods? I’ve read the studies, I’ve …

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Chemicals, Metals & Oxides used in Ceramics, Stoneware, Porcelain, glazes & enamel:

What is in Ceramic, Stoneware and their glazes & enamel?  How is it different from MEC’s clay? 

Ceramic clay, porcelain, stoneware and the glazes and enamel used for the coating are a composition of different chemicals, oxides and metals.  The percentage of natural clay (which is usually secondary clay) is anywhere from 4 to 9%.  …

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