Cooking Grains This Way Helped Me Get Rid of Type 2 Diabetes


Diabetes has become a common health problem these days and we have accepted it as a disease with no cure. We try to manage the sugar levels in the blood with medicines and insulin injections which have their own side effects. Is there a natural way to not just manage diabetes but get rid of it completely? Luckily, there is.

The solution lies in changing the way you cook grains like rice and quinoa. They provide necessary nutrients to the body, but there is a big problem with the conventional way we cook grains. Let’s see what that is:

How Cooking with Conventional Cookware Leads to Diabetes?

Along with vitamins and minerals, grains contain simple and complex carbs. Simple carbs break quickly to release glucose but complex carbs burn and release energy slowly.

The body needs a balanced diet with both simple and complex carbs for optimal insulin management (Insulin is a naturally produced hormone in the body that maintains blood sugar levels).

Heat from metal/ceramic cookware is destructive to these delicate nutrients. Delicate complex carbs are quickly destroyed leaving only simple carbs and starch. When the body is supplied with simple carbs for years, it rushes to produce insulin to break down these carbohydrates into energy. There is a constant high demand for insulin.

This poor management of insulin coupled with low amounts of complex carbs causes the body to not produce enough resulting in excessive glucose in blood – diabetes!

How Pure Clay Cookware Makes A Difference?

Cooking grains in pure clay pots does just the opposite. The food-friendly far-infrared heat from this natural material makes sure delicate nutrients like complex carbs remain intact. This balanced proportion of nutrients slowly improves the body’s ability to produce insulin.

Over the years, you will notice well-managed and optimized insulin levels – and diabetes is gone for good! Also, because complex carbs take longer to break down into energy, your levels of energy are higher and well sustained for long periods of time.

Final Words:

Cooking grains in pure clay not only prevents metal toxins from entering your food but also makes sure its nutritional value remains intact. When the body gets this balanced diet regularly, the health problems start going away and the immune system gets stronger again (Do you know metal toxins compromise your immune system?). 

Change the way you cook your food and say goodbye to common health problems like diabetes once and for all! Until next time…

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