Cooking in MEC | The Difference It Makes To Your FOOD And HEALTH


MEC – Miriams Earthen Cookware | Why This Fuss About Cookware? What Impact Does It Have on YOUR Food And Health?

Food is nourishment to the body.  A statement like this may be grossly inadequate unless elaborated. So let me try again:

Food sustains life, maintains a healthy and functional immune system, grows cells and organs and generates energy. It helps maintain necessary brain functions, is responsible for muscular growth and coordination. Food maintains hormonal balance, provides lasting beauty from within. It is medicine to the body and brings happiness and satisfaction of the soul… this is not the end of the list but merely a gist.

So, if food is all of this, it is indeed important for the body to be given the best and healthiest if we want life to thrive.

This argument begs the next question: How can we give ourselves the healthiest food?

The answer comprises of three factors:

  1. Grow it in the most natural way possible,
  2. Harvest it with love & care, and
  3. Prepare it in the healthiest way.

The first two factors have already led to the birth of one of the greatest movements of our time. People by the masses are becoming conscious of how their food is grown and harvested. They clearly see the importance of this and the connection between food and health.  The third one, however, is something that is many times overlooked. And such lack of awareness negatively affects your food and health.

But not by a small group of committed people in the heart of Boston, MA at Miriams Earthen Cookware. This started off as a dream and a vision of one woman to feed herself and her family the healthiest food. But now it’s slowly growing into a global desire for people to want to cook in the healthiest way.

This is what a more-thirsty-for-healthy customer stated upon the discovery of MEC:

“Finally, something absolutely healthy on the market. I used to love slow cookers but there was too much of lead leaking into my food. As long as there was a finished glazed, lead (it’s part of the glazed chemicals that EVERY ceramic company use.) was leaking when the pot was hot. Most stainless-steel pots that are made in China leak nickel and aluminum as well (go figure?!). Miriam cookware is AMAZING!! The food that I cook in the 3 pots I bought from her is delicious and absolutely healthy. On top of it, Miriam have great warranty and great customer service.”

But What Difference Does the Right Cookware Make to Your Food?

There is a direct connection between your food and health. The right cookware determines if food is going to be toxic to the body or healthy and non-toxic.

In the presence of heat, metals react with nutrients that are in the form of oxygen, hydrogen, halogens, acids, and bases, and assimilate into the body.  The accumulation of such metal ions in the organs, tissues etc., is toxic. It is the foundation of many illnesses and a weakened immune system. Ceramics, glazes, and enamels (made with many chemicals, oxides, and metals) are no exception either. The only raw material that keeps your food pure is pure-clay so long as it is made without any manufacturing additives. At MEC we make your cookware without any additives what-so-ever!

It Determines The Food’s worth In The Body, In Other Words, Its Nutritional Value

While cooking food, vitamins, minerals, protein molecules, carbohydrates and fats are delicate elements going through a phenomenal change. These nutrients are transformed from raw to cooked and the type of heat determines what remains.  Harsh, near-infrared heat from unnatural materials destroys a lot of these nutrients. On the other hand, the gentle far-infrared heat from MEC’s walls cooks your food without destroying these important nutrients. All of it in about the same amount of time!

The Right Kind Of Cookware “Breathes” Life Into Food, And Is Known To Fortify Food With Oxygen

MEC makes their pots and pans from a porous material. Their natural way of making and finishing allows the food to draw or “breath” in oxygen while breaking down to cook. They make them without elasticizers or plasticizers and by interlocking the platelets on the pottery wheel and leaving them unglazed. What turns out is strong durable cooking pots that can let the food breath. This perhaps accounts for the intense taste of the food, specifically for the food tasting “fresh” in MEC. And we believe food fortified with oxygen is certainly more nutritious because its nutritional cells are revived.MEC gives you good Food and Health

Naturally Retains Steam – Which Is Essential Water-Soluble Nutrients.

Ever wondered the significance of steam leaving the pot? Most of the steam generated in food is water-soluble nutrients. Out of the 13 essential vitamins and minerals, 9 are water-soluble, which means they dissolve in water, are quickly used in the body and need to be replenished every day… the body doesn’t store them. With conventional cookware, as steam constantly leaves the pot so do the water-soluble nutrients. Thus, cooked food remains deficient in one more way.

At MEC we have studied this problem and designed the pot and lid to naturally and fully harness the goodness of pure nature. The pot and lid feature an ergonomic design made by packing clay in concentric circles. It lets the rising steam touch the inner surface of the lid, condense, and drop back into the food. MEC’s excellent steam management properties are explained here.

Not only this, we at MEC are overwhelmed with the great potential in pure-nature and are constantly trying to improve our products so we can receive everything that it has to offer. Here are some other unique features of Miriams Earthen Cookware:

  • Keeps food warm 4x longer – reducing the need to re-heat several times.

  • Cooks all foods in just about the same time taking ½ the energy – MEC saves more energy than any other cookware.

As expressed eloquently by our customer in a recent email:

“I have been using the MEC pot (originally purchased as a yogurt making pot) every day over approx 2 years since purchase simply because cooking with the pot produces delicious food utilizing low energy consumption…”

Marc Praulins, Australia [Thank you, Marc]

  • The specific design makes it possible to use it for many different cooking and recipes, from making yogurts to baking and roasting in the oven.

  • The no-glaze, clay finishing makes it naturally non-stick in just a few uses. Cooking and cleaning are easier, stress-free.

And the expression “Food satisfies the soul” is no understatement with MEC. – The taste of food cooked in these pots and pans is absolutely incomparable to anything else. But isn’t that what we get from nature when we treat it right?

Yes, taste is subjective, but there is something notable when almost 90% of MEC cooks attest to this feature. Something that cannot be overlooked as just being subjective but that which is worth discovering for yourself.

At MEC we have experienced for ourselves and have heard from others who share our experience that as much as it already does, nature when used without harming or meddling with it, can offer so much more. So, we are constantly researching and improving our products to harness her gifts.

Of course, it is important to know and understand that when we stand to receive so much from nature, it is only right that we take care of it in the best way possible. For this reason, we take care and attention to ensure our products are made, finished, shipped and function (till the end, which could be many decades long) one hundred percent green!

They are made in a way that creates zero toxic waste.

Typically, the making of almost all cookware today causes several tons of carbon and other toxic emissions. The insurmountable pollution from mining and acquiring of raw material is another thing. MEC is just the opposite: no chemicals, carbon or toxic emission. MEC harvests the clay thoughtfully, locally (within the state) and with care. None of the making processes involve the use of anything that is not 100% green.

Being fragile items, they are packaged not in plastic/bubble wrap but with natural pulp. Again we believe that nature is more powerful when used the right way than substances that are toxic and harmful to the environment. MEC can cook all your recipes at medium or less than medium heat. It takes just about the same time making them one of the most energy conserving pots & pans. And finally, at the end of their life, they go back to nature just the way they were taken from her, causing no harm! They are 100% bio-degradable & compostable.

So, once we understand the connection between food and health, we want food to be everything that it can really be to the body. It is a necessity to take a long and serious look at the way we prepare it. Because in this aspect food is either transformed and becomes potent or is distorted and becomes less valuable and toxic in the body.

Footnotes: We understand that a great product must be backed by good & honest customer reviews. For this reason, we periodically contact our customers to write reviews about their experience with MEC. You can read them here (on google) and here (on our website). We are very grateful to our customers who take time from their busy schedules to write these reviews!