Cook Soft, Fluffy & Delicious Rice & other Grains


Rice/ Brown rice/ Quinoa, Pasta  or any kind of grains cook beautifully in your MEC clay pots.  Here are the simple, easy to follow steps:

Cooking Rice and other grains in MEC pots:

Measure and wash the amount of rice/grains you want to cook.  The measure of water is to grains in most cases is 1:2 or 1:2.5. When choosing, choose aged rice, preferably par-boiled — these are more nutritious, less starchy and can double or triple in quantity when cooked. With polished rice it could also be 1:1, so check packaging and add water accordingly.

Add the rice + water to the pot and start cooking on the stove-top.  Start on low, let it stay there for 5 minutes, then increase to medium heat.  You can go slightly beyond medium heat if need be.  Let it cook till almost done, i.e. when you see the water cooked up by the rice and there little to no water left.  This could take about 25-30 minutes depending on the amount of rice being cooked.  Turn stove off.  And let sit for a few minutes till fully done.

Your beautiful fluffy rice cooked in your non-toxic clay pot is ready!

A few things to keep in mind when cooking your best rice:

Unlike in metals, there’s no need to boil water before adding rice/ grains.  The grains & water can be added at the same time.  Your rice will get cooked beautifully even before the water can come to a full boil.
For the sake of your health, we recommend cooking rice that has been processed the least, with no additives and more importantly no arsenic.  E.g. imported Basmati rice that comes in 10 or 20 pound jute/burlap bags, can be bought at any Asian, Indian or Mediterranean stores.

It might look like there is nothing going on for the 1st 10 minutes, but don’t stir the pot; the heat is being spread evenly at this time.

Sizes & Quantity:

Small Rice Pot (1.75 qt): 2 cups of rice/grains.  Yields 4-5 cups cooked rice.

Medium Rice Pot (2.5 qt): 3-4 cups of rice/grains. Yields 6-8 cups of cooked rice

Large Rice Pot (4 qt): 7-8 cups of rice/grains. Yields  12+ cups of cooked rice/grains.

X-Large Rice pot (6 qt): 9-10 cups of rice/grains.  Yields 17+ cups of cooked rice/grains.

Somethings you will notice are different when cooking in MEC:

What you can expect?

Expect all varieties of rice and grains to turn out significantly softer, fluffy and tastier.

Expect the grains to not get too sticky (except when cooking sticky rice), when the food is almost cooked the microscopic pores of the breathable pot let the excess water evaporate from the walls of the pot letting the rice to cook beautifully each grain separate from the other.

Expect to save energy by cooking all you food at or below medium heat: While metals heat and cool at the same time, pure clay pots cook by holding all the heat inside the pot so you don’t have to go beyond medium settings — about 300 to 325 degrees which is .05 KW of energy as opposed to 450 to 500 degrees consuming 1.39 KW of energy with metal that have to cook on high because they constantly heat and cool at the same time]

Most importantly, expect your food to be far more nutritious: the fact that the rice cooks even without the water coming to a full boil shows that it cooks without destroying the delicate nutritional cells — the complex carbohydrates, and essential vitamins & minerals stay intact.  One the other hand the harsh form of heat cooking food in conventional cookware destroys the complex carbs, vitamins and minerals in grains, what remains mostly is the starch and simple carbs or sugars letting food taste dry and hard.

What not to expect:

Don’t expect having to baby-sit the pot—don’t have to keep stirring to prevent food sticking to the bottom, in fact, no need to stir at all throughout process.




Alice Loppini said:

Hi Miriam, a very well written post and great pics!!  thank you! Can’t wait to cook rice in my pot, will send you an update soon…  I make chicken soup the other day, it turned out fabulous — the chicken was so tender and juicy. I had added some vegetables; all of them came out great.  The vegetables very well cooked but didn’t lose their shape, it felt good biting into chunky pieces of veggies that were nice a soft, not mushy as they've always turned out in my other pots.  I am so happy these beautiful clay pots are part of my kitchen now; I am always looking for reasons and recipes to cook in them! Thank you ~ Alice

Annette Williams said:

Hello Miriam

I love, love, love cooking in my 3 clay pots. Brown rice cooking is so much more tasty and enjoyable. Everything taste so much better. My husband who was not a fan of quinoa and brown rice is now enjoying them to the point where he commented, "this is the best rice and peas I have ever tasted" Wow! that's a lot coming from my husband who told me that he prefers white basmati rice to brown basmati. Well, with the clay pots, my husband now has no issues with brown basmati rice or quinoa.
Thanks so much for these wonderful clay pots. All I use now for cooking is clay or stone pots and I love it! Makes my food taste and look gourmet every time.

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