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MEC Pots’ Steam Management Properties Explained:

The steam leaving a cooking pot is essentially water soluble vitamins and minerals (9 out of the 13 vitamins and minerals are water soluble), and in most cases with conventional cookware almost all of it is lost during the cooking process.

The heat emitting from the pot is uniquely food-friendly — it first spreads out evenly to each grain and gently cooks the food to when almost done before steam can build up.

Also, the special design of the pot & lid allow this steam to circulate inside and let food cook with its own steam pressure.  And finally, the straight walls of the pot made in concentric circles, the inner flute on the lid and a cool underside of knob allow for steam to rise, get condensed and drop right back into the pot/pan.

By now food is almost done cooking and if you see steam escape,  you can turn the heat to low till fully done, if need be. Or in many cases turn the stove off.

Please note, lids might have a ‘wiggle’ or ‘rock’, this is something that forms naturally during firing.  When we fire the pots, as temperature gets to over 900 Degree Fahrenheit, molecular water escapes the clay body and sometimes lets this wiggle to form on the lids.  We let this happen as a precautionary measure in case one forgets to turn stove off in time, steam can find a way out and prevent damage to your pot /pan as much as possible — this natural rock on the lid acts as a safety measure in such cases.  It may not be there on all lids, some lids can let steam out even without, nature chooses which ones do and don’t.

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