100% Non-Toxic Cookware And The Difference it Makes to your Food.


When we moved from making items from the purity of nature around us to manufacturing goods with raw material obtained from deep within the earth through mining or fracking, mixed in precarious proportions with chemicals and toxins made in laboratories, we welcomed many toxins into our lives.  Some that could kill instantly some that were slow poison that deteriorated the body gradually.

One major compromise was in the cookware we used.  Because of the excessive mining of metals, oxides and ores, people had to find a way to recycle these material that wouldn't biodegrade so one way they started re-purposing them was into kitchenware, cookware and other household items.  So just about 200 years ago people in different parts of the world started replacing pure, unglazed clay cooking pots with ones made from metals and other mixed raw materials and have since grossly compromised the nutritional value, purity, taste and true goodness of food.

Going back to where we started is the best place to start if we want to heal ourselves and our bodies. 

It is true that the ingredients we choose are important in determining the healthfulness of the food, but how about the cooking pot? Here are some of the benefits to choosing the best non-toxic cookware.

Before that however, let’s see why Miriam's Earthen Cookware made from 100% pure & tested primary clay is the most non-toxic:

At MEC (Miriam's Earthen Cookware), great care is taken to ensure the purity of our clay.  Before the clay is even harvested research is done to see if any industries or farming has taken place on the land in the last 300 years. It is also verified that there is as of the present and in the past no industries in the 15-mile radius around the clay dig site. This ensures that there are no toxins or pollutants in the soil.  Next, several samples are taken and sent to a state laboratory to be tested for a 2nd level of confirmation to make sure the clay has no contaminants (see test results here).  Only after these test results come back negative the clay is harvested.  And cooking pots and pans are formed by hand without the use of any additives or chemicals anytime during the making, finishing or firing processes.

Now we know MEC pure-clay pots and pans™ are free of toxins and chemicals, what other benefits does one get from cooking in this amazing medium?

Food Stays Pure

Pure Clay pots and pans are 100% inert which means nothing from the pot can leach into your food. This is the only cookware that has this property, all others -- metal/ceramic or nonstick coated pots and pans when heated leach metal ions, chemicals and toxins. Studies have shown that iron, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, carbon etc from stainless steel(1), extensive amounts of iron from cast iron or Aluminum from aluminum pots and pans(2,3).  And toxins like Perfluorooctanic Acid, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Feldspar, Petalite (an ore of lithium) from non-stick coating and glazes and enamel finishes leach into our food from conventional cookware. See the list of chemicals & oxides used in ceramic, glazed & enameled cookware.

Pure clay pots and pans are the only ones that can keep the healthy food you took the time to prepare, pure and void of anything from the pot.

100% Pure Clay Cookware: Cancer Free

Nutrients Remain Intact

We eat food not just to quell hunger but to nourish our bodies.  In fact hunger is a triggered response when the body needs nourishment.  Food when cooked often loses its nutritional value. This is due to the harsh heat pots made from metal and man-made material radiate when cooking.  Consider this, if you were to touch a metal pot or pan with your finger you could be seriously burned, that is the same heat destroying the nutritional tissues in the food. Pure clay amazingly helps keep nutrients intact because it cooks with a gentler form of heat that penetrates deep into food without damaging or destroying the nutritional cells. With a pure clay pot that’s cooking on the stove-top, even when the food inside is cooking and boiling, the outside doesn't get hot enough to burn hands/fingers.

Complex carbs and trace minerals are lost because of this harsh heat from conventional cookware but are preserved intact in MEC pure clay pots. The more potent the nutrients the more delicate they are and the more easily they get destroyed. This is why people who consistently & completely cook in pure clay don’t need any additional supplements, they get it all from the food!

Water Soluble Nutrients are NOT Lost

Food is full of vitamins and minerals which is why it's important to choose healthy food items to cook.  Despite this a good majority of these essential nutrients are lost during cooking by way of steam.
How is that so? 9 out the 13 essential vitamins & minerals are water soluble, which means they are carried in water in the foods. Some water soluble vitamins are thiamine, folate, vitamin B-12 and the famous vitamin C. When food is cooked in conventional pots and pans moisture quickly breaks into steam and rapidly escapes from the pot.  Because of the gentle heat in MEC Pure clay the moisture only breaks into steam when the food is almost done cooking and because of the unique design of the lid it remains cooler than the rest of the pot and is able to condense the steam and let it fall back into the food.  The water soluble nutrients remain intact in your food.

Non-Toxic For YOU is also the most Eco-friendly for the PLANET.

Non-toxic cookware is not just non-toxic to us but is healthier for the environment as well.  For metal/ceramic pots and pans to be made the earth is damaged from the mining for metal ores & fracking for inorganic oxides and minerals needed.  Massive deforestation, disposal of thousands of tons of toxic waste in liquid, solid and gas forms that contaminate the water, land and air respectively.  Several millions of tons of energy is needed to process raw ores into metals/ extracting minerals/oxides and then making them into cookware. Often this damage inflicted takes centuries for the earth to heal and sometimes it never does. The making of MEC pots and pans does not harm the earth in any way. Clay is harvested not mined and is a renewable resource.  Every item is handmade so no carbon emissions are generated or pollution given off.  And at the end of their useful period, these pots and pans are 100% biodegradable/compostable so it will not add to the landfills like conventional pots and pans.

Many other Great Benefits:

There are many other benefits to cooking in Miriams Earthen Cookware, here are some more of them and you will also find others mentioned and explained throughout the website: Because they are made in concentric circles (thrown on the wheel and formed by clay interlocking in 2 opposing directions), these pots and pans spread heat evenly and maintain the heat consistently, so food cooks more evenly and thoroughly than in metal pots.  Because they condense steam naturally, food does not dry out or turn chewy.  Grains, lentils, beans, meats, vegetables all turn out far more delicious, delicate and superior in taste (read our reviews and Miriams Earthen Cookware's Google reviews here).

I had been searching for cookware that was free of all Teflon, lead, aluminium etc and this hit the spot! It took me a while to learn how to cook with it to obtain the best results...the customer service I received was excellent. They were willing to answer any queries I had about something not being spot on. And I have made the BEST roast chicken, BEST steamed vegetables (so sweet and crunchy) and some awesome lentils and beans. It is true...it works like a pressure cooker so beans are cooked in record time and the more you use it the better it gets! Thank you MEC.
Bushra, TX USA

They are naturally non stick due to their semi-porous, breathable walls which helps repel food from sticking. This allows you not only to cook healthier meals because there is no need to add oil and fats but makes cleaning a breeze no need for harsh soaps, just wet the pot, sprinkle baking soda scrub and rinse off. You can also cut down on the amount of different pots and pans cluttering your cupboards as MEC's pure clay pots and pans can be used for different types of cooking such as baking, slow cooking, stir frying, making stocks and more on the stove top (electric & gas), oven and on outdoor grills & other natural fired cook tops.

MEC's pure clay pots and pans are fully multi-functional, they make the ideal Rice/grain cooker, Dutch oven, Pressure cooker, Yogurt maker, Slow cooker, Vegetable steamer, Roasting, Bread baker, etc. Follow the links to read how to use these pots for the respective cooking methods.

With all these fascinating & unique features these pots and pans are truly nature's gift to us and there is no reason why you shouldn't be cooking in them!

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