Review Writer’s Giveaway 2021


Here’s Your Chance to Win the MEC Pots & Pans.  All You Need To Do is Write One Review!

We are greatly encouraged hearing from you as to how much you love cooking in your Pure-clay pots. Now we’re asking if you could please help spread the word about these 100% Non-Toxic, Healthy & Green Pots and Pans and their benefits. Every person who writes a review gets to enter into our ‘Review Writers Giveaway’ and one winner is chosen. You can post reviews on Goggle, Yahoo, Yelp, different health & wellness forums or recipe blogs.

To enter, write a review at any one of the sites mentioned above and email us a link to the page after the review is submitted. Please email us at That’s it, now you’re entered for a chance to Win.

Good luck! Offer ends soon.

Some FAQ’s:
Can I write More than 1 Review?
Yes, and every review would earn you a new entry. Just send us all the links.

How will I be Notified About The Winning?
The winners will be drawn the week after the contest in over and an email with the winners name will be sent out to your email address only. Another email will be sent out to all the participants announcing the Winners.

International Customers, Can We Participate Too?
Absolutely! International customer can participate too, we’ll cover the shipping cost.

Here’s What You Will Win:

Safe & Non-Toxic Cookware



1st WINNER – A set of any 2 pots/pans of your choice from MEC Store.



MEC's 100% Healthy & Non-Toxic Cooking Pot


2nd WINNER – Any one pot of your choice from MEC Store



All contributors will get a 10% off for the next 1 year!

Click here to write a review on Google. To the right of your screen, click on the ‘Write a Review’ button, you will be prompted to login to your Google account, Once logged in you will be able to post the comment.

Click here to write a review on Yahoo. You need to be logged in to write a review on Yahoo. You can write your review by clicking on the ‘write a review’ link which is under the Review section under the company listing.

Click here to write a review on Facebook, You will have to be logged in to Facebook. Once your on the Miriams Earthen Cookware page, scroll down a little bit and you can post your comment under the ‘Visitor Post’ on the left.

Click here to write a review on Yelp. To write the review, click on the red ‘Write a review button’ right next to the business name.

Don’t forget to copy and email us the link to the page after submission. So we can promptly add your name to the entry. Please email the link along with your first and last name to


We look forward to reading you reviews & thank you for your time!