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It’s very easy to steam vegetables in your MEC pots.  All you need is your pot and its lid, no additional gadgets needed.  Steaming vegetables in you MEC clay pot takes less time and the vegetables get cooked more thoroughly without losing their shape, taste AND Nutritional Value.  Steam locking lids hold all the steam inside making your veggies very juicy and delicious!


  • Choose any vegetables of your choice, chop them all to a similar size.  Add very little water — about ¼ inch of water for half pot of vegetables and ½ inch for ¾ pot of veggies.  Add the vegetables, close the lid and let it steam.  Don’t need to wait for the water to come to a boil to add the vegetables.
  • Cook on medium to low and check in 25-30 minutes if the vegetables are done.
  •  It’s far-infrared heat cooking so the vegetables might look fresh & uncooked even when they’re fully done (eg. fully cooked veggies on header picture)– they don’t loose their shape or color.  So to make sure they are done, smash one or two different vegetables with a wooden spoon against the wall of the pot or with a fork cutting into the vegetable. 
  • OPTIONAL: When the vegetables are almost done, season with your choice of seasoning (we’ve used turmeric, paprika powder and salt in the picture).  Turn the stove off!
  • Your delicious steamed vegetables are ready.
  • Use left over water, if any for other soups/stews.

Steaming Vegetables in your clay pot

Add Water 

Steaming Vegetables in your clay potAdd all the vegetables and let it cook for 25-30 mins on medium-low.

Steaming Vegetables in your clay potSmash with wooden spoon to see if cooked  

Steaming Vegetables in your clay potSeason with your choice of seasoning


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