These Clay Cooking Pots Cook Non-Toxic, Nutritious Food & Are 100% Green


Food is a joy and a pleasure enjoyed by every person who has come into this planet.  People of different cultures, regions, races have always enjoyed cooking and eating from time immemorial. The interesting part is the significance of food does not end there… it is the one thing that strengthens and sustains life inside of us more than anything else. And is also one of the most important factors that determine our health. Amongst the different pots and pans available today, the best ones that fully cater to all these 3 aspects of food are clay cooking pots — they preserve the taste, nutritional value, and health of the food. To understand these benefits, we need to compare them to what is commonly used now and the difference clay cooking pots can make in each case:

Conventional Cookware, why is it toxic and unhealthy? 

Most conventional cookware these days are made from either metals or chemical laden clay called ceramics. All metals are reactive including cast iron, steel, aluminum, titanium, they leach metal ions at cooking temperature that react with food’s nutrients and form toxic compounds – they are of no nutritional value in the body and keep accumulating in blood, tissues, and organs to form the foundation for a sick body and weak immune system. The ceramic pots are full of chemicals that contain metal compounds that leach metal ions like metals do. On the contrary, the right clay pot would be 100% non-toxic as the raw material is naturally inert and doesn’t leach. It will keep the nutrients in food intact. 

How they interact with the nutrients in the food? 

The harsh heat from the walls of metals and ceramics destroy essential delicate nutrients like complex carbs, phytonutrients, and vitamins. The water-soluble nutrients present as steam is constantly leaving the pot. This leaves your food nutritionally deficient in more than one way.  

How are clay cooking pots different? 

With clay cookware, however, the gentle heat cooks food just the way it needs to be – no nutrients are lost and the natural taste and aroma of food stay intact. Most importantly, the steam can be managed well in an ergonomically designed clay pot – all thanks to unique far infrared heat that keeps the lid at a lower temperature than the rest of the pot. So the steam condenses on the inner surface of the lid and keeps falling back into food while cooking. This not only improves the nutritional value of your food but it also makes it taste better! 

How to Choose the right clay cooking pots for you? 

The food cooked in clay pot is a lot healthier than in metal or ceramic pots – with absolutely no toxins and improved nutritional value. But it is extremely important to choose the right clay pot because the market is full of clay pots that are made without its complete health value in mind. As the demand grows and the need to keep prices low, toxic additives are mixed to the clay.  this is done in order to expedite drying or for making in slip molds – a faster making method.  And the product is now being glazed with the same color as what the fired piece would have turned out to be without the glaze. (See why glazing is not good for healthy clay cooking). This is done in order to save time with the finishing, but the same color is used so consumers can think its unglazed. A fully unglazed piece takes longer to finish and require more skill to work on but yields great benefits to cooking.

The best option for healthy clay pot cooking is using pots made from unglazed primary clay or pure clay. They are truly healthy as no chemicals or glazes are used and are 100% green, unlike any other cookware. They are fully biodegradable and are equally good for the environment as they are for your health.

AUTHOR’S NOTES: Hi, this is Sachin and I hope you liked my article about 100% healthy and green clay pot cooking. Choosing the right clay pot is very important if you want to cook healthy.  There are many that are glazed and made with toxic additives and while they may look good they simply don’t cook good!  MEC’s pure clay pots and pans are truly healthy and green because they are made with absolutely no glazes or chemicals and using the ageold method of throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and formed by skillful handsThat’s one reason they are my first choice and should be yours too! 🙂 

I Have Been Using These MEC Pots…

"I have been using these mec pots sice from around 3-4yrs now. Initially it was a challenge cooking in these pots because it was totally new concept for me and I broke few of the pots but as the time went pots became very strong and cooking in them as easy as cooking in regular metal cookware. Definitely cooking time is a bit longer as when compared to the metal cookware but the taste n flavour you get from cooking in these pots is so good that it just cannot be compared . I have personally seen and have been experiencing the health benefits from using these pots I can definitely say that my resistance power has been increasing gradually through the years. Pros: 1) definitely 100% tasty healthy and flavour full food each and every time. 2) once it seasoned and used with little care it can be lasting for years. I have been using my rice pot for more than three years. I cook twice a day in the same pot. 3) cleaning is not at all hard just after cooking we have to leave the pot till it cools down and then we have to soak it for about 5 min or so that's it you can clean it right way with out any hard work . 4) once pot got seasoned nicely it doesn't take much oil for cooking. 5) makes perfect brownrice, hand pounded rice. Cons: 1) initially don't go for preparing any kind of curries or deep fries in it as it will absorb lot of oil n pot may break. Just use it for cooking brown rice or soups or lentils or dals till the pot gets seasoned nicely. 2) bit more time taking than regular cookware. I have been using mec pots n refered these mec cookware to many of my friends."
- Madhavi Anjana

Miriam’s cookware Does Not Disappoint!!

Miriam’s cookware is amazing...not only is it beautiful, but it’s wonderful to cook with and extremely satisfying to know I’m cooking in the best for my family!!!!
- Scottyncher Hampton

You guys rock in my kitchen...

The purchase of my first MEC set was indeed a life changing experience for me and my family: a change towards a healthy, green way of living. I remembered my grandparents cooking in traditional classic earthenware---oooh! the aroma and taste..All these memories and more came back with MEC. Thank you MEC! You guys rock in my kitchen 😀
- Carmen Dsouza