These Pots & Pans render Food 100% Healthy & Nutritious after Cooking


The process of ‘healthy cooking’ involves careful selection of ingredients and then cooking them “healthfully”. While we may meticulously choose healthy ingredients in the hopes of cooking a healthy and balanced meal, how can we be sure if these nutrients are intact after the cooking? The answer lies in the cookware! Because the cookware you choose can either preserve the food’s nutrients or strip it of its potential and make it toxic. Find out how as you read on: 

The task of finding the healthiest cookware has become complex these days because there is so much misleading and contradictory information on the internet related to different cooking pots. For instance, you might find info defending metal pots for healthy cooking while there is also information on declaring one metal healthier than others, and on the other hand, you may also find claims that all metal cookware is toxic… There are numerous references to inconclusive and outdated researches that make choosing the right one a huge challenge! In order to choose a healthy cooking pot, it becomes mandatory to rely on facts substantiated by verifiable and time-honored information.  

This is no secret that the raw material of a cookware decides its healthfulness. As you know, all metals are reactive; In the presence of food which is a bio-chemical entity and with heat acting as a catalyst, these reactions are amplified. The elements leaching from the pot combine with nutrients in food and form compounds that are harmful in the body and cause health problems. Also, harsh near infrared heat from these pots mercilessly destroys delicate nutritional cells (like complex carbs, flavonoids etc.) while cooking! 

In order to cook nutritious food, the cooking pot must be completely inert so it doesn’t leach anything into your food, and it should cook without destroying nutrients. The only material known to have such abilities is pure and natural unglazed primary clay or pure clay. Clay pot cooking has been the only method of cooking among settled civilizations from time unknown. There is no known alternative to natural clay that can give you the same health features. 

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering company based in US has done its research on various materials only to find out that pure clay is the healthiest material for making cooking pots. This time-honored material being naturally inert doesn’t leach and cooks with gentle far infrared heat, unique to pure clay pots, that keeps nutrients intact. This means food cooked in pure clay pot is 100% non-toxic, nutritious and healthy! 

The health-conscious cooks who have switched to pure clay have reported improvements in health, you can read their testimonies throughout the internet and on MEC reviews page. If you haven’t tried pure clay cooking until know, you are really missing out on nutritious and healthy meals every day, so why don’t you too give it a try: get a pure clay pot from MEC Store and begin to cook food that has not lost its healthfulness!


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