Tips on choosing non-toxic cookware


There are many things to consider when investing in a non-toxic cookware. But did you know that even some cookware marketed as non-toxic has harmful elements? And because of this, they can easily leach toxins into your food. Learn the things to look for when choosing non-toxic and the only brand that stands out from the crowd. It will be the rational choice once you have done your research, and you can say goodbye to those marketing gimmicks!

What makes a cookware truly non-toxic? – Non-reactive Raw Material

The simple answer is – the absence of toxins. The innately reactive materials like metals (and ceramics laden with chemicals containing metal oxides) leach toxins while cooking. These toxins combine with nutrients in food, forming toxic compounds that are ingested into the body. Further, they accumulate in blood, cells, and organs to deteriorate their functioning over time. Therefore, the raw material must be completely inert (non-reactive). Is there any cookware made with this kind of raw material? Thankfully, yes!

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US based clay cookware brand that uses 100% non-toxic pure clay to make cookware. So far, so good. Now on to the next thing to look for in your search for non-toxic cookware.

What else makes a cookware truly non-toxic? – No Additives or Glazes

Some manufacturers claim to use a non-toxic raw material like clay but resort to at least a few things that make the final product toxic:

  • Most use low quality clay (secondary or tertiary) that has toxic impurities.
  • Some use additives containing metal oxides that eventually leach into food.
  • Use of glazes is common to enhance the appearance of ceramics. But glazes are full of toxic chemicals, and so are enamels used to make cooking pots non-stick.
  • When cookware is produced with machinery, chemicals are involved and it is likely to come into contact with the products being made.

All these business practices are unlike at MEC, where MEC is making pots and pans without additives, glazes, enamels, or chemicals – all by hand! Additionally, there are no colors added – MEC pots take on the deep red hue of fired clay.

To conclude, MEC uses a non-toxic raw material without additives, glazes, or enamels, and makes cookware in a way that they stay as pure as the raw material.

If you are looking for a truly non-toxic cookware, there is no better match for non-toxic cookware than that made by MEC. Can’t wait to try? Head over to our online store and order a pot today! They ship worldwide.


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