Debunking the lies spread by an article that claims MEC clay have contaminants: Glycophosphates or Arsenic


What you read is an article sponsored by competition selling ceramic cookware.  The ceramic material has over 70 to 200 different chemicals, and they’re trying hard to put down our efforts in making cookware from a 100% pure and non-toxic material. Some of the commentators on that article are employees of the company.

MEC clay is harvested from land that is verified as not used for farming for more than 200 years.  We’ve researched the history of the land going back since the early 18th century.  Also note, primary clay is soil that cannot be used for farming, because of how hard it gets in the summer (the rigidness of the clay does not allow for the root system to grow).  And primary clay does not take to itself any environmental toxins, it is naturally non-toxic; it does not take to itself anything that does not contain the elasticity that it has naturally.   Also, our clay is harvested from 25 feet below the surface.

Glycophosphate is a herbicide made and marketed by Monsanto since the 1970’s.  It has been used in farming after 1974.  If at all present in soil, it is found on land used for farming on the top soil (up to 10 inches to 1 foot from the surface).

Our clay does not contain Glycophosphates, it is fully tested and the test results are published online.

Arsenic is a foreign element and is not part of primary clay. In some populated areas, because of vehicular pollution, modernization and industrial tailing (disposal), the top soil close to such areas may contain trace amounts of arsenic.  MEC clay is harvested from un-polluted,  non-inhabited lands, verified to have no industries with toxic tailing for a 15-20 mile radius.  As you can see on the test results MEC clay has NO Arsenic (0.0 ppm).  And it is also the only cookware with NO Lead, NO Cadmium, etc. All others can only claim to be Lead/cadmium/arsenic Free which means they still contain lead, arsenic and cadmium at varying degrees.

Again, MEC clay does not contain any toxins, contaminants, metals or oxides.  The “proprietary information” the writer suggests we didn’t show her is published on our site for all to view.

Please note that as we keep addressing the issue, the accuser comes up with new accusations.

Our clay has neither Arsenic or Glycophosphates or anything else she may come up with the in the future. Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is made from 100% non-toxic, pure and primary clay, nothing is added and nothing is removed. Reviews from our actual customers may shed some light on this. Please feel free to read and ask them questions on their blogs or their YouTube channel, if you have any.