Do you make tea kettles?


To make a pot in the design of the traditional tea kettle, you need to use chemicals in the clay body to make it in a slip casting mold. So we did something else, we made a small pot that can heat water to boil tea leaves or coffee beans in it.

Using tea bags allows a good amount of toxins called dioxins into your tea from the bag — and that is a popular method to make tea if made in a kettle. But when made in the pot, you can add the dried tea leaves or crushed coffee beans or ginger, spices etc., directly to the pot and sift the chaff through a cloth or metal sifter as you pour it into your cup to serve.
You can make perfect tea/coffee in any one of MEC’s 100% non-toxic pots with this method, customers typically use either MEC Small or Medium pot.


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