How can I use MEC pots for slow cooking in the oven?


You can also use MEC for slow cooking in the oven and the food can cook without much monitoring and much faster. Also, the fact that you can fit more than one pot at a time inside is a clear advantage over using the slow cooker machine. Here is how to do this:

Put all your ingredients together in the pot and set temperature to ‘bake’ at 200 – 230 D Fahrenheit and set timer — a little known feature that lets you use the oven for timed cooking much like a programmable slow cooker – choose 3-4 hours for meats or 1-2 hours for vegetarian recipes, beans or when cooking grains. Once the set hours are complete the oven will automatically turn to warm (in most cases, 170 D F) and in a few hours will shut off. With most ovens, you can also set a delayed start. We encourage you to read the oven’s manual to find any other information while setting this up.