How does the Affiliate Program work?


Each Affiliate will get a unique ID and/or uniqcodes both of which are trackable, and let us know the origin of the sale.

If promoting online, you can either use text or banner ads with links that hold the codes. These link can be directed to specific pages on our site or directly to our store page where the customer can make a purchase.

If promoting on print media, in stores by display ads, or even word-of-mouth, we will give you a trackable code called uniqcode. It comes with an incentive for the customer to use them. For instance, if you’ve been assigned a code: ‘FRDG5673’, you will give this to your customer to use during checkout and let them know they can save $5.00 on their order by using the code. This code is trackable and you will receive credit for sending that customer to our store.