How grains are different when cooked in 100% pure-clay, and what does this mean to you?


All grains contain simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates, a certain about of vitamins & minerals .  Simple carbs quickly break down release glucose to the body.  “Complex” or slow burning carbs take longer to break down and release energy more slowly.  For optimal insulin management the body needs a balanced diet with both these types of nutrients.

Because of the damaging heat in conventional cookware the delicate complex carbs are destroyed and what remains is an overload of simple carbs.  For years, when the body is supplied with mostly simple carbs it rushes to produce insulin to beak down these carbohydrates into energy.  This constant high demand yielding short bursts of energy is the start of a poorly managed system of utilizing this hormone (insulin), this coupled with the low amounts complex-carbs (complex carbs are foods with low glycemic index or  low GI, and also help the pancreas to produce insulin)

This chronic miss-management of insulin causes the body to not produce enough over time and when it is not able to produce enough insulin to transport, store & utilize glucose (carbs when digested become glucose), resulting in a condition with excessive glucose in the blood — diabetes!

Cooking grains in 100% pure-clay pots does just the opposite.  The food-friendly heat gently cooks the nutrients keeping intact both the simple and complex carbs, and the essential vitamins and minerals.  When the body is given this balanced proportion of nutrients, it’s ability to produce and provide insulin is well managed and optimized.

Also because complex carbs take longer to break down into energy your levels of energy are higher and well sustained for long periods of time.

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