I don’t see the traditional handles, why?


None of our pots have the traditional long, or two sided handles made of silicone, rubber or some kind of plastic because those are unsafe materials to have around food and we also don’t feel comfortable letting our employees handle these highly toxic materials (in their raw form).  Instead we extend the rim outward all around the pots/pans to form an easy-to-grip, sturdy handles that will not “come-off” with use.  People using these pots, feel more secure handling the pots with these handles than the traditional ones because in this case you’re holding the actual pot versus extensions to the pot/pan.

Also, the pots/pans don’t get burning hot on the outside like conventional cookware so most time you can touch the bare pot.  Because people’s tolerance to heat varies, always feel free to use a mitten or a kitchen cloth if you need to, while carrying a hot pot or lid.


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