Important things to keep in mind when using MEC clay pot


Please read Cooking & Care instructions for your clay pots before using your pot for the first time and have that as your reference till you fully get used to cooking with it. A few important things you need to keep in mind when cooking with your clay pot:

  1. Increase heat gradually and only go up to medium heat settings.
  2. Always use with heat diffuser on electric stoves.
  3. Do not expose the pot to extreme temperature changes (very important!).
  4. Avoid washing the pot with toxic soap; instead use baking soda to wash.

Our clay cookware is fired up to 1800 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. After firing it loses all the moisture and gets transformed into hard and durable earthenware. it can go up to 450 degrees in the oven, just make sure you start with a cold oven and gradually increase the heat as you go along. They work beautifully in wood-fired ovens as well!