Is it correct that MEC can be used for slow cooking taking only half the time?


That is correct, your MEC pots can be used for slow cooking and it can be done in ½ or less than half the time compared to a conventional crock pot/slow cooker. For example, if cooking a bone broth with beef bones it usually calls for 12-15 hours of cooking in a crock machine, this can be done in your MEC in about 3 hours! And your food cooks without ANY compromise on the nutritional value, in fact the food is even more nutritious because,

a. the heat cooking your food does not damage the nutritional cells and

b. There are absolutely no toxins in the pot that can react and leach into your food.

For the above example (bone broth), there is no need to add vinegar to extract the minerals, this unique form of heat is capable of bringing out all the nutrients without added vinegar. Also, in this case you will know when the broth is complete when you see meat on the bones fully cooked and falling off, the bones much softer and chewable, and if a pinch of turmeric was added, the bones will now hold the stain (turn from white to light yellow).

When slow cooking in MEC – Always use the pot with a diffuser and start on low and let food cook at that heat for 10 minutes, then increase to medium and let it cook till you see steam escaping from the pot. Reduce back to low and cook till done.