Is there a difference between Lead ‘FREE’ and having ‘NO’ Lead?


Yes, there is a difference between being “Lead FREE” and having “NO Lead”.

When an item is labeled “Lead free” it means there is still lead in it but it’s below the allowed limit of California Prop 65 (or other similar limits). While this may be an OK standard for things that don’t come in contact with food, with items that do (especially cooking pots/pans), it’s best to use things that have NO Lead at all.  If an item truly has NO Lead the manufacturer will be willing to show consumers the test results from a reliable laboratory, preferably in the USA (see our test results on the link).

The other issue with the ‘Lead FREE’ label is that many items are made out of the country where results could be easily manipulated, so one can never know for sure what the actual levels are and whether or not it is indeed below California prop 65.

We at MEC have ZERO tolerance to lead, cadmium or any other kind of contaminants. So the complete composition of our clay is tested to ensure it has NO Lead or Cadmium or any other toxins, nothing is added in the making process and they’re not glazed – this is how we are able to guarantee the product is truly 100% Non-Toxic.