I’ve been using the pots for a long time and I see some oil seeping through to the bottom, what can I do to prevent this?


If you start the recipe with ghee and/or other animal fats, you may see this happen sometimes.  Because any animal fat (including ghee) has small amounts of toxins, they get pushed out during the cooking process, because of the non-toxic nature (negatively charged ions) of the pot.  To prevent this we recommend you add the oil/fats towards the end of the cooking process rather than the beginning.  This is also healthier because the fat does not get a chance to break down into trans-fat, and when added in the end you get its full taste.   Metals need oil as grease to prevent food from sticking, clay doesn’t, instead you can use a sprinkle of water.  If any recipe calls for adding oil 1st, and if its a lot of oil (2-3 tbsp), you can cut down the amount by half and if you want to, you can add the remainder in the end.

To help resolve the issue we recommend that you heat the pot in the oven (with a plate in the bottom), without any food.  You can heat them for 10-15 minutes at 250 D F.  Do this a few times, if need be, till you don’t see any drops of oil in the bottom.

Once you’re satisfied with the results (i.e. you don’t see any drops of oil), you can steam clean the pot, and this is done in this way:  Add 4-5 cups of water to the pot, start on low and increase to medium in a few minutes.  Let the water start steaming inside the pot. 10-15 minutes from the time you see the steam, turn stove off and pour the water out while it is still warm.  Wipe it dry and let it sit to dry for a day or so before using it again.