I’ve never cooked in clay before, what should I expect to be different?


One significant difference you will see is how little monitoring is needed when cooking in you clay pot.  There is no cooking and boiling over that you’ll need to worry about, you will not hear any “sounds” or sudden “noises” that require your immediate attention.  The clay pot cooks food very silently.

Also, expect the pot to take about 15 -20 minutes longer when new and not “fully seasoned”.  Once your pot is fully seasoned, it should take just about the same time to cook any given recipe.  Rice might take a few minutes longer.  Meats and lentils however generally cook faster than in metals.

Expect the food to be much juicier, meats to taste richer even without pre-seasoning, Lentils and beans to be much softer, whole and well cooked, Rice turns out fluffier, each grain separate from the other.

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