What is the difference between your pure clay pots and other cookware made from ceramic and flame ware?


The main difference is in the nature of the raw material.  The MEC clay has no additives, plasticizers, extenders, dyes etc.  It also has a natural orange to red glow to it when fired thus does not require glazing.  Flame ware and ceramic clay contain several chemical additives and oxides, this link contains a comprehensive list of those chemicals and oxides, and these pots and pans are also glazed.

MEC Pure clay pots are an excellent retainer of heat: Because of their unique raw material, these pots retain heat longer than ones made from ceramic or other flame ware. This means less heat needed to cook and less times reheating.

Pure clay cooks with far-infrared heat: This unique form of heat the “earth” generates is quite difference from the near infrared heat from mixed materials that also contain metal oxides, etc. Far infrared heat penetrates deep into the food and cooks it from inside out with out damaging nutritional cells. The near infrared heat that’s generated from the others is damaging to the food nutrients and destroys them while cooking.

Pure clay pots can “breathe”: Perhaps one of the most interesting differences, is that because MEC pure clay pots are not glazed or treated with any chemicals, they can draw in air while cooking letting the food cook in the presence of oxygen. Glazed, enameled pots cannot do this.

These are just a few of the main differences and unique features one is missing out if not cooking in MEC’s 100% healthy and non-toxic cookware.