What Makes MEC Special?


There are many things that make us special… we are passionate clay cooks ourselves who cook in our pots and pans almost every day and enjoy doing so!!  Even though we’ve been cooking in them for so long the beauty, wisdom and taste of nature that we find by cooking in these pots, doesn’t cease to amaze us.  Here are some other things that make MEC a special brand:

  • We are the First American Manufacturer to make Pure-Clay cookware for use on the Stovetop (flame ware) and in the Oven.
  • The First American Company to make cookware that is made from 100% pure clay and is not contaminated by any additives, toxins and/or heavy metals.
  • We are the first people to tell you what your cookware is made up of. (We believe you have a right to know what your cookware, not just your food, is made of)
  • Each of our pieces are one of a kind and are individually hand crafted.
  • They are multi-purpose, multi-cooking, pots that can be used in the oven and on the stovetop.
  • We are a woman owned thriving business that has a busy R&D that is constantly working on improving our products.
  • Our design is unique and cannot be found elsewhere.