When and Why do I need to use a Heat Diffuser?


A heat diffuser is used to spread heat evenly to the bottom of you MEC pot and/or pan.  Almost all automatic cooking ranges have a certain amount of unevenness to the way they distribute heat.  This is more so with electric stoves which is why a diffuser is a must use when cooking on electric stove-tops, like coil, glass or ceramic cook tops.

A diffuser is recommended for gas stoves too (ones that burn with a flame), but these stoves disperse heat more evenly than electric.  So as long as you know that your gas stove disperses heat fairly evenly, you may not need a diffuser.  But if you’re unsure, we recommend using one.

If using the pot for long hours of slow cooking either on gas or electric, please use a diffuser.

Off course you don’t need to use a diffuser when cooking in the oven.

You can see & get your diffuser towards the bottom of our MEC products page.