Why are there no steam vents on MEC lid?


When cooking in conventional pots moisture breaks into steam right from the start. This steam is quickly finding a way to escape, and the entire body of the pot including the lid is “burning” hot, and cannot let the steam condense. So it has to find a way out, and thus the steam vents.

With MEC’s pure clay cookware, steam builds up only when the food is almost done cooking. And the inside of the lid and knob is specially made to stay cool enough to condense the steam. With the unique lid design the condensed steam then drops right back into your food. Because of the way steam is well managed inside the pot, there is no need for a hole to let it escape.

This feature is exclusive to MEC cookware and is one of the reasons why food is nutritionally dense when cooked in these pots — the steam escaping the pot/pan is essentially water soluble nutrients, vitamins & minerals.

9 out of the 13 vitamins and minerals are water soluble, and get evaporated into your kitchen as steam that’s constantly leaving a cooking pot. When cooking with MEC however, steam is well managed inside the pot, retaining for you all these essential water soluble nutrients.

You may see some lids may not have a complete close, that is a natural imperfection, that does not hinder this unique feature. Because of a secondary lip-grove on the inside of the lid, steam is held in just the same even with the lids that have a rock or slight miss-fit. If steam is seen ultimately leaving the pot that is an indicator to the fact that food is either done cooking or is almost done. Reducing the heat in the later case will help to continue retaining the steam inside the pot. Or you can turn the pot off and food will continue to cook with the heat already in the pot.

More information on MEC’s unique steam management properties are explained on this link.