Why Don’t you Glaze? What are Healthy Benefits of Unglazed Cookware?


Yes, there are several benefits to not using this toxic paint like substance to coat the cookware, Here are a few:  Glazing blocks the micro-pores and prevents the pots ability to breath. A breathable pot is capable of so much more, for instance, it can make your yogurt thicker, naturally, let rice cook fluffy & soft (not sticky), let you cook without using oil (can’t cook without oil or grease on glazed cookware), extract toxins out of food, etc.

Also, they’re much easier to clean – without the glaze on the walls; a seasoned, breathable pot repels food from sticking.  Glaze is toxic and it doesn’t make sense to coat a 100% pure & non-toxic raw material, used for cooking with a toxic & potentially dangerous one that’s neither time-tested or proven to be safe.  Glazing also creates toxic waste & generates toxic fumes during firing that clearly would disqualify our product from being 100% non-toxic, and safe!