I’ve been using the pots for a long time and I see some oil seeping through to the bottom, what can i do to prevent this?

If you start the recipe with ghee and/or other animal fats, you may see this happen sometimes.  Because any animal fat (including ghee) has small amounts of toxins, they get pushed out during the cooking process, because of the non-toxic nature (negatively charged ions) of the pot.  To prevent this we recommend you …

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I see a crack, is there a way I can ‘fix’ it?

Minor surface or hairline cracks may show up on the bottom, and it’s normal for this to happen and shouldn’t affect the functioning in any way. Other deeper cracks could happen rarely and only if the pot has been exposed to prolonged periods of high and/or uneven heat, or if there were no liquids in …

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I sometime see some brown or cream colored deposits on the outside of the pot, what is that?

All-Natural, primary clay because of its purity and negatively charged ions has been used to extract toxins from our bodies for many centuries.

When food is cooked in Miriams Earthen Cookware, the toxins whether it be from the animal fat (most animals store toxins in the fat), pesticides, fertilizers or from heavy metals or salts …

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