Difference between Miriams Earthen Cookware’s pure clay pots and all other cooking pottery: ceramic, porcelain, stoneware, flame ware, earthenware & terracotta?

Ceramic/porcelain, stoneware pots and pans: From making toilets to tiles to cooking pots, the ceramic material has been used for several decades and is loosely called ‘clay’ because of its elasticity that resembles natural clay.  The ceramic/porcelain raw material contains only about 5-7% natural clay, the other 95% are chemicals, oxides (obtained through fracking) and …

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Why is cooking the same recipes on the stove-top with MEC healthier than cooking for long hours in a slow cooker?

Traditional crock machine recipes are healthier when cooked in MEC on the stove-top because:

  1.  Long hours of cooking in metal or ceramic pots is one of the best ways to let chemicals like cadmium, lead, petalite (lithium) and metal ions [Al-Aluminium, Ni-Nickel (steel), Ti- Titanium (steel), MO – molybdenum (steel), Cr-Chromium (steel), Fe-Iron (steel)] leach
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