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Your search for 100% Non-Toxic, Healthy & Green Cookware ends here at Miriam's Earthen Cookware!

Made from 100% Tested Primary clay. Guaranteed to be completely non-toxic! Handmade in USA.

If you’re cooking in metal, ceramic, or untested, low quality clay pots or pans chances are the pots ingredients (chromium, nickel, titanium, aluminum, lead, cadmium, sulfates, chromium etc.) are leaching into your food (This test can help you check your cookware for leaching). Also, the harsh near-infrared heat these materials radiate destroy the food's nutrients.  AND water-soluble nutrients are lost with the excessive steam leaving the pot.

For something to be considered best, it has to accomplish its purpose fully. Miriam's Earthen Cookware made from 100% scientifically lab tested primary clay, unglazed, and made without ANY additives, contaminants or toxins is completely inert or non-reactive which means nothing from the pot leaches into your food.  And in contrast to conventional pots, these pure and all-natural pots and pans radiate far-infrared heat that cooks without damaging nutritional cells.  MEC's ergonomic design and unique making methods bring to life many features including condensing steam naturally to keep water soluble nutrients inside the pot/pan!

These qualities & more make it the best cookware to accomplish the core reasons for cooking food: To provide high quality nutrition to the body and delicious and enjoyable meals for you and your family! MEC can be used for cooking anything you would in conventional pots/pans more healthfully (more info towards bottom of page).


We are deeply grateful to our customers who've honored us with a 5/5 rating on MEC, 4.7/5 rating on Google and 8/10 rating on Trust-pilot.

We ship Worldwide. For international orders, minimum order quantity is 3 pots and/or pans.

MEC's 100% Healthy, Non-Toxic & Green Pots and Pans:

MEC Set of 2 | Save $12.00!

MEC Set of 3 | Save $19.00!

Heat Diffusers for your MEC Pots & Pans:

A Heat diffuser is a must use on electric stoves (coil, glass cooktop & induction).  It's recommended but not a must use on gas stoves.

Already have a heat diffuser? Great, but make sure it's not made of copper (find out why).  A diffuser made of cast iron, steel or aluminium should work fine.  Do I need a heat Diffuser?

Replacement Products:

Replacements for Pots

Replacements for Pans

Replacements for Pot/Pan Lids

Use: Anything you cook in your conventional pots and pans can be cooked more healthfully in MEC. Click on the respective links for more information on using MEC in the place of these different types of cookware: Dutch Oven, Best Soup & Stews PotPressure CookerRice & Grains Cooker,  Yogurt Maker, Vegetable Steamer,  Slow Cooker, Bread Baker.

Using a heat diffuser is recommend when cooking on a gas stove, and is a must use with electric stoves.   You can buy your diffuser towards the bottom of this page.

Please note: These products are pure and All-Natural, and each piece is handcrafted; no two pieces are alike. Any surface imperfection and irregularities are therefore not to be considered as defects, but rather as unique characteristics of these products.

Miriams Earthen Cookware's products or brand is not for resale.