Dinnerware -- Non-Toxic, No-Lead Cups, Bowls, Plates, Spoons

Whether it gets a mention or not, Lead, Cadmium, Silica, Frets are a mainstay in glazes and enamels -- the stuff convientioanl cups and bowls are coated with. MEC offers something very different: not only are we Lead free (which means there is lead but below a threshhold), we are actually NO Lead, yes, no lead, no Cadmium, no anything toxic!

We hope you greatly enjoy delicious & healthy food in them as much as we enjoy making them for you and some more!

100% Non-Toxic Tea Cups & Soup Bowls

MEC Dinnerware Set of 2

MEC Dinnerware Set of 4 | Save $10.00!

MEC Dinnerware Set of 4 Combo | Save $10.00!

100% Non-Toxic Plates and Salad Bowls

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Coming Soon!